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Why Plays In The American Friends Linden Opera House Are Good

By Carolyn Lee

Ballet and theater are great forms of art that people have enjoyed since the Italian renaissance. Merging acting, singing and choreography to tell a story is a manifestation of how truly creative people are. There are many famous plays that get to be performed worldwide that have many fans. This has evolved throughout time and show a distinct difference between the way plays are written based on culture and generation.

Opera is a branch of theater arts that focuses on music and singing. All the parts are sang and have a specific style. Many confuse musicals and operas with each other. Learning how to sing the way they do require a whole lifetime of training and in born talent. The American Friends Linden opera house have many performances that cater to the Renaissance form of theater.

The purpose that ADPOB or the American Friends of the Paris Opera and Ballet serves is to share the cultural and artistic treasure of Paris to the American community and create a cooperation between both groups. There are many new plays that have been created with wonderful stories and performances.

Famous plays that also show tragedy like Les Miserables, the Phantom of the Opera are more musicals than opera. This is true even though Les Miserables is sang all throughout. The music usually requires an orchestra that is more geared to play classical music than anything else.

The singing involved in this work with classical singing techniques. The languages used for these plays are usually in Italian, German and French. A tell tale sign is when the performers sing in falcettos and in liberattos. The set up also involves a grand orchestra.

Another one to watch is the Der Freischutz by Carl Maria von Weber. This has great german folk music centered eon romantic ideals. The story revolves around a man who sells his soul to the devil Zamiel for the purpose of shooting straighter and winning to win a woman. It is a very creepy story that perfectly captures the morbity of hell.

Another notable one is based on the story o f Don Juan. It is entitled Don Giovani created by the well renowned Mozart. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is famous for both his comedy and dramatics. Apart from that a more notable on would be the marriage of Figaro with a comedy woven throughout its composition.

These are still being performed even after centuries because of the value they hold to the human experience. Many of these stories were often written by Shakespeare an have the same elements of comedy and tragedy combined. Many of these focus on the follies of men and the consequences of their silly decisions.

In the twenty first century there have been many critics that say this form of artistic expression is going to be reduced into something irrelevant. This is due to the rise of digital media and television. Before there were even movies and tv shows are the forms of literature brought to life by live theatre acts.

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