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Check Out The New Anime Trailers

By Leslie Ball

Cosplay, the wearing of costumes based on cartoon characters, is a hobby that originated in Japan and is sweeping the rest of the world. It is derived from the words, "costume, " and "play." Enthusiasts often base their characters on new anime trailers. Around the world, there are more than 430 anime studios producing the animated videos. Among the most prolific are Studio Ghibli, Toei Animation, and Gainax.

Anime originated in Japan in the early 20th century. Its name is an abbreviation of the word, animation, and is pronounced, "ani-may, " with the accent on the second syllable. Anime represents a style of cartoon characterized by vibrant graphics, colorful characters and fantastic story lines.

Osamu Tezuka (1928-1989), the godfather of the genre, is regarded as Japan's answer to Walt Disney. Tezuka was, in fact, largely inspired by Walt Disney, although it may be difficult to see a an obvious correlation between "Sleeping Beauty" and "Astro Boy." Tezuka's profound influence in Japan is illustrated by the fact that, eight years after he died in 1989 of stomach cancer, stamps were issued in his honor.

Tezuka often based his stories on western films and literature. He also made major contributions to manga, which may be loosely defined as Japanese comics. People of all ages in Japan read manga. It covers a variety of genres, including horror, action-adventure, romance, historical drama, sports and games, sexuality, business-commerce, suspense, comedy and others.

Tezuka also produced 13 experimental films, including "Tale of Street Corner" and "The Genesis." Produced in black and white and directed by John Houston, "The Genesis" tells the story of the Creation, with a different slant from what we read in the Bible. While most of Tezuka's work was aimed at children, he did produce some output for adults, specifically, "Cleopatra, Queen of Sex." Sex and violence are a lot of fun for anime and manga artists, as there is a lot more leeway in terms of what they can get away with graphically, as opposed to the medium of film using live actors.

Manga has been a large part of the Japanese publishing industry. The market is boosted tremendously by material being translated into English for the International readership. In Canada and the United States alone, the market has been recently valued at 175 million dollars. Some material is published originally in other languages, but these are referred to as anime-influenced animation to distinguish it from the "real thing."

Unlike the type of cartoons that westerners are accustomed to, Japanese animations don't show the characters in motion. Rather, they are a compilation of detailed cels. Each cell, or individual drawing, is shown for a longer interval, as opposed to the cels in a cartoon, that flip by so quickly you can't see the individual frames. Some of the biggest titles include, "Space Dandy, " "Nobunaga the Fool, " and "Witch Craft Works."

Manga, Anime, and Cosplay all originated in Japan and have become more and more popular around the rest of the world. This is what happens when we send them McDonalds, "Dallas, " and Britney Spears. Isn't cultural exchange wonderful! Manga and anime are available for purchase over the Internet, but there is plenty to sample for free on major video sites and fan sites.

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