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Common Mistakes That A Clothing Photographer Should Avoid

By Shirley Williams

Photography is not as easy as most people think. For a person to emerge as a skilled clothing photographer, they need to pay key attention to some basic tips. Working out, to come up with the best, exquisite and superb images is the main objective of any photographer. To make this accomplishment, the photographer needs to equip themselves with tips and knowledge on how to undertake such a course. The following are some of these essential tips.

It is important to be keen about the effect of lighting on the images. Having the appropriate lighting enables the image captured to have unique facets of the garments. Sufficient light makes it possible for you to capture excellent images with less interference and more sharpness. To ensure that you have ample lighting, you can rent lighting equipment at a cheaper cost. However, if renting equipment is not in your budget you can as well use natural light from large window and a reflector panel.

On the same, you have to make sure that the camera settings are properly done. Even with the best quality of the camera and excellent expertise of the professional, it calls for the right settings on your equipment to get impeccable images. In this case, ensure that the camera is configured correctly by investing in some knowledge about ISO, aperture and white balance. The ISO settings should not be higher than 600-640 otherwise; the images quality will be compromised.

On the same, the larger the aperture, the more the aspect of your image will be focused. You need to set your aperture to be more than f/11. In the same breath, set the white balance according to the light or automatic for the camera to decide.

To present such images in different platforms, you need to convert them into web-ready color space profile. These formats include; adobe RGB, CMYK and SRGB. Failure to convert images, viewers will have challenges displaying in different browsers, sites and screens. In most cases, the images will not appear as they are. Before embarking on the exercise of conversion, you should ensure that quality of your images is superb. It is advisable to convert your image into SRGB which is versatile and can be displayed across platforms without compromising its quality.

The images must be edited meticulously. This can be achieved by making sure cropping, background, alignment and color improves the value of the image. For alignment, all the products of your images should be of the same size. Also, the angles, edges, and corners should be organized and arranged in relation to one another.

Cropping on the products of the image, should be done identically with the view of improving its quality. More importantly, you need to crop images in respect to the platform you are going to upload them. This way, you ensure proper dimensions that fit the specific platform.

Lastly, the background style should be consistent on all the images. This makes the images to look appealing, attractive and presented in a professional way. The recommended backgrounds are both white and light grey which look elegant. Moreover, garments colors must be presented accurately. Since camera cannot capture some colors like neon and some shades of green you will be required to use photoshop to tweak the colors of your images.

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