mercredi 16 mars 2016

Bike Bar Tours - A New Touring Concept You Should Try

By Stephen John

You might not be aware of it, but there's a new touring concept that allows people to cruise around the city in a mobile bar. You might think this is old school but this is completely different. The bar is not a car or any engine-driven truck but a vehicle mounted with pedals. Its power comes from its own passengers who should pedal the bike bar to make it move. You will surely enjoy pedaling your way around the city. Like the pedal bike tours Colorado tourists are curious about, this one is really worth a try.

A bike bar tour can carry as much as 16 passengers, but it will be made available to a group of at least six members as long they are capable of making the vessel move. The price of a particular tour may remain the same regardless of the number of passengers. If you want to try a new touring experience such as the Denver bike tours, you may contact a touring company for reservation as a group. Individual seats are not yet available on bike bars.

When you join a tour of this kind, you can expect to go hopping from one bar to another. This is one of the specialties offered by most bike bar tour operators. If you are cruising Oklahoma for example, you should be able to visit as many bars in Tulsa as the event allows. This is a great time to enjoy. Visiting bars can be a great way to unwind somehow.

Except for some companies that equip their bike bars with coolers, most bike bar touring operators provide only the vehicle and its driver for a touring event to happen. In order to make the trip more enjoyable, you should bring food and drinks along with you. If a cooler is necessary, you should bring one too. Just remember that while bringing foodstuffs is allowed, they should be contained in re-sealable containers to prevent spilling. It is encouraged in many touring events including the Oklahoma tours to prevent accidents.

Cruising city streets on bike bars is a new and experience. The change can surely give you lots of fun and excitement. Other benefits bike bar tours can give are the exercise and the good feeling that you get from it. It is really a good way to beat stress, infuse change and bond with friends and loved ones.

If you want your bike bar vehicle to look in a special way, you can also decorate it the way you want it to. Just coordinate with the bike bar management so that be prepared before your tour starts. This new way of city touring also allows bar hopping. This gives you and your friends a chance to drop by your favorite bars for a drink or two. The beer bike tour Oklahoma touring customers prefer is one fine example of a great city touring experience that allows you to enjoy some beer.

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