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Why You Need Giclee Replica Prints

By Stephen Harris

Bare walls are boring, and you definitely do not want your home to be boring. You should fill your walls, but you do not want to do it with just any kind of art. The pieces that adorn your walls should be colorful, interesting, and look resplendent. If you really want the color and quality of your prints to look fantastic, you should consider giclee replica prints.

Beyond decorating for yourself, many people like to decorate in order to impress guests and neighbors. Your next dinner party will include lots of conversation about your new artwork if they are giclee quality.

There are many cheap replicas that are mass produced and do not use the same technology as giclees. These will have no drama or dimension though, and often look flat. Buying a giclee means that you are getting higher quality at an affordable price, which is a big win for you.

It is the advanced technology of the printers used in this process that make the details of each piece really come to life in stunning color. This is due to the ink jet printers, which are something like what you might use at home, but with a lot of more ink tanks and higher end specs. In fact, in order to get the amazing, vivid color, printers with anywhere from 8 to 12 tanks of ink are used to stunning effect.

The first step of this painstaking process is to get a high quality scanner and scan the original artwork in its entirety. Then that scan is used to make the prints, which can be on a wide variety of surfaces, including the even popular and traditional canvas. However, you can go for glass, metal or many other substrates for a change.

For the artist, giclees are a huge advantage for them in a lot of ways. The scan can be kept on file, so prints can be made as they are ordered or in small batches. Before this method, many artists had to mass produce their work at great initial cost, and might lose money if all the reproductions are not sold. Using the giclee method, there is a much smaller up front cost and they can make prints far into the future, on demand. Smaller artists who have not broken though yet and have no money find this to be very advantageous.

The scans that are made of the painting can be kept on a computer as a digital image file forever. The scan can be brought back up anytime in the future for paintings, and it will look as good as it did on day one because there is no fear of deterioration at all.

Some people collect artwork with an eye towards just decorating. Others may do it as in investment, because they know that the piece may appreciate over time, gaining value. Some people do not think this is possible with prints, but it is with giclees. Some do appreciate over time and can fetch very large sums in the thousands at art auctions and galleries. So you are not just investing in your decor, but also possibly in your bank account.

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