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Why People Look For Oil Based Paintings

By Paul Hamilton

When people first begin painting, it can be an exciting journey, but there are many things to take into consideration. You have to have the right equipment. You need to know how you are going to approach your subject matter and the basic steps that you are going to use. Probably the biggest debate is between oil based paintings and those which are acrylic or another medium.

Many people think that this is a snob thing and that you are not a proper artist until you have experimented with oils. However, everyone who does have the chance to experiment with all forms of paints and mediums will find that there is something special within the oils. Of course, there are negatives like everything as well.

It can take up to a day or more for the paint to dry, depending on how much you spread on the canvas. It means that you can do a little work, and take a break and then go and do some more work later on. You can even continue the following day. You can't do the same with acrylics. This is the reason why many people move across to oils.

When acrylics came along, some of the artists took to them and were fascinated by the drying time. Compared to the oils. Many painters were against this because it means that you have to work very fast. You will have trouble blending in the paint. There are less effects that you can create. However, there are things that you can do with the acrylics to make them stand out as well.

A lot of artists complain that oil paints are thick and that you can't spread them on. This means that you need a lot more paint. However, these can be thinned out with a medium. You can even use linseed oil, but you have to use a mixture of other oils and get the proportions right. Some paint will need to go on thickly and some will be spread on so you can almost see the canvas.

You can use inks as well as acrylic spray paints to create the watered down effect. Of course, this will depend on your subject matter. It also depends on whether you are doing Abstract or something that is more realistic. It is the abstract painters who will usually tend to stick to the acrylics. It means that you have to work quickly. A lot of abstract work is done in this fashion so they are suitable.

There is, of course a lot that one can do to make the oils stand out, but the acrylics are less realistic. The glaze is also popular with oils and it can be mixed with a pigment which helps it become more professional in the way it looks. It becomes rich and glossy, and it can change the painting overall for the better.

Although watrcolors are limited because they don't allow you to show off the texture, you will still find that they display a certain amount of vibrancy. One can always point out a watercolor from the rest of the mediums. It is also possible to mix this with oil, but you should do this first before adding the oils on top.

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