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How Allison Van Pelt Contributed To Art

By Beryl Dalton

There are many things in this world that is created for the sole purpose of giving meaning to something. This is exactly what art has done. Aside from that, it is also a valuable tool for expression and feelings. But not everything can be considered art. It must be something that possesses a meaning in it.

If you are to know more about it, you have to also learn the basics first. There are many classifications when it comes to arts. There are those that are made to be heard and others are made to be seen. In this day and age, there are still many artists being recognized for their contribution to the field including Alison Van Pelt. She is an inspiration and most of her pieces are known to be derived from photo realism.

Most people do not know the importance of art. These pieces are more than just paintings or sculptures. But these things have been the main symbol a society. Aside from that, it has become the main form of expression for people.

As an artist, she has a lot of influences and has channeled several methods and techniques being employed. The ultimate goal would be a photo realistic piece. Photo realism is a detailed representation of art about various aspects about life. But more importantly, it must be something that must resemble a real photograph.

Her works signifies that you cannot just stay with one principle if you want to create something different. It shows that if you make use of other techniques, you can create something that is even close to a mystery but not really. The newer artists should follow this as well.

This is also one way of telling that she is setting an example for people all over the world, especially to kids who feel that art is their calling. It teaches them to be creative and think creatively. This is one trait that they would surely need while growing up.

It is also important to make sure that the value of art does not depreciate because it signifies the culture and a rich part of history. An artwork has the capability to educate a lot of people. When some of the records are lost, it is easier to look at the pictures then it would be easier to see what happened before.

It can also be a good resource or hobby for those who have been dealing with something all their lives. It is known that this can be an outlet for you to channel your emotions. Instead of resulting to bad habits, you can practice learning how to paint or write music. With this, you are keeping yourself healthy and letting all the negative ones out.

Aside from all these benefits from indulging in art, you are also raising your intelligence. The more you try to scrutinize the piece, the more you try to think of ideas about it. This is a good brain stimulation exercise for most people.

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