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Important Things To Know Before Staging An Anime Review Show

By Earlene McGee

A review of anime movie trends will reveal that some of the most entertaining and creative productions in the world are animated movies. The term anime often leaves one thinking they are similar to the normal cartoon characters the rest of the world is used to. However, these Japanese movies are often different, and pleasantly so. Presenting an anime review show, therefore, requires one to understand their history and what sets them apart from mainstream movies.

People love the stories because they are different. The differences to the normal animated movie come in the fundamental structure of these movies. Although many of them often have teenagers and teenage characters, the stories and issue they deal with are infinitely more complex. The stories have adult themes that are infinitely more challenging.

The stories are more complex and have adult themes. This gives fans the feeling that the movies are real despite the fact that they are animations. The inclination towards the perfect script with a happy ending is never present in Hollywood movies. In the US, the trend is that after the plot twists and turns, at the end of the movie, the characters are left living happily ever after.

Real life does not always happen as planned, and this makes it easier for people to identify with Japanese movies because of the feeling that they are more realistic. Animes are not just restricted to local fans and a few international fanatics. Not many people realized it, but while everyone was not looking, Japanese popular culture grew to become one of the biggest alternatives to popular American movie culture.

But why do the Japanese favor anime over the traditional animation or even the normal live action movies. The biggest motivator is in the money. Historically, the Japan movie industry was only able to compete on an equal footing with Hollywood in the sixties. Today, it is difficult for them to compete, at least on an equal footing.

Competition with Hollywood is virtually difficult because of the money available in that market. In fact, to find the last time Japan and Hollywood competed on an equal footing, one would have to go back all the way to the sixties and seventies. Animes, on the other hand, offer creative heads, a cheap and steady outlet. Manga is central to fame and spread of anime culture, both in Japan and internationally.

In Japan, even the adults are Manga fans. American adults are not nearly into comic books as the Japanese are into their Manga. Most of famous animated movies are inspired by popular Manga comics, and so the evolution was only a natural step. There is often huge pressure to conform to certain looks or stereotypes associated with race or gender. In animes, there is true freedom to look any way.

Some characters do not have racial or even gender identities. This removes focus from the character representation and to the problems they face. There is also an inclination towards the use of female protagonists in these animated movies. The world of difference makes them unique and enjoyable.

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