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The Seventies Musical Scene With Acts Like Hinsons The Lighthouse

By Marci Nielsen

Music is the most popular art form globally. It uses sound as its medium transcending both social and cultural barriers. It is used as a form of entertainment and a means of passing messages. It has been in existence since the Paleolithic era and has succeeded many generations. Today, it has many genres. Some of them were created in the seventies during an era where many legends were created. These include Willie Nelson, Elton John, Linda Ronstadt, Bob Marley and Led Zeppelin. Earlier in the decades, The Hinsons The Lighthouse signature song was released.

Music in this decade became a form of expression with several artists singing about leading contemporary issues affecting the world at the time. Writers wrote material that touched on issues like the Vietnam War. It was common to speak out about real issues. This decade saw the maturity of artists. It was used to speak about how governments ran their country. America was criticized for its role in wars among many other issues. However not everything was politicized.

There was a rise in different styles each unique to the artiste that created them. This was in an attempt to penetrate the market and sell records. This saw the introduction of disco beats. This sound was different and appealed to young people who liked loud and fast beats. Other sounds included the fusion of country with Pop culture and sounds. Reggae also gained prominence in this decade.

Many artistes and bands faced the challenge of staying relevant and fresh, family bands like the Hinsons performed the same songs and content to audiences. In fact, their hit song the Lighthouse came as a result of the need to have fresh content. Ronny Hinson, songwriter and producer to date, wrote the song in the year nineteen seventy. It was released the following year becoming their signature song.

Songs written in this decade provided a smooth transition from the rebelliousness of the sixties and the joyful songs released in the eighties. It saw the release of both dance and relaxing music. Many people grew tired of the troubles in the sixties and needed a place to unwind. This paved the way for disco beats. This phenomenon saw the release of many chart toppers with a distinctive disco beat and a happy go lucky feel.

This decade produced legends in different genres each going ahead to assume huge fan following. The Hinson gospel group rode on the success of their singles The Lighthouse and He Pilots My Ship. Their popularity saw them tour the country and get excellent record sales.

The decade never lacked in creativity. This was a necessity for relevance and success. The industry was filled with many acts and different styles thus became quite competitive. Creativity saw legends like Bob Marley break from traditional Rocksteady and Ska styles and crossed over to Reggae.

This decade saw the advent of creativity and the breaking of traditional barriers. It rewarded those who believed in music and saw the rise of legends like songwriter extraordinaire Ronny Hinson who has won numerous awards.

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