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How to Prevent Silver Jewelry from Oxidation

How to Prevent Silver Jewelry from Oxidation: You buy a dazzling piece of silver jewelry to decorate your cupboard. Six months later, you may note an inkling of tarnish on your earrings. There exists easy ways to keep your jewelry from tarnishing.

What Causes Oxidation?: Tarnish is a unsightly grey or black layer of corrosion that develops over silver, copper, brass, aluminum and other semi-reactive metals as they are subject to oxidation. The primary reason is substances contained in items such as perfume, lotions and hair products. Furthermore, sweat can also affect your sterling silver ornaments so refrain from wearing your jewelry when doing hot work or when gardening.

Easiest Procedure to Prevent Oxidation: Because the chemicals in toiletries interact with silver jewelry, care must be in use to avoid their subsequent interactions. Prior to putting on your jewelry, ensure that any lotion or spray applied has soaked into your skin entirely. As with the previous step, put on all hair products before putting on your ornaments.

The easiest way to reduce tarnish is to observe a little cleaning procedures. It is of significance to take out any compounds that may have settled onto your accessories. When you are removing your ornaments, pause to clean it off using a smooth cloth. A flannel short or an old t-shirt are ideal examples. This will simply a minimal amount of time and can save you precious time in the long run. Eliminating tarnish can be a time-consuming and undesirable task.

How to Store your Silver Ornaments: Once you have polished your ornaments, it is critical to accurately store your sterling silver jewelry correctly. Other secondary causes of tarnish are light and air. Actually, the less that your accessories is open to these two factors, the greater the chance that your accessories will remain blemish free. There are many boxes that will defend your silver jewelry pieces. First and foremost , the box must be airtight to be effective. An airtight jewelry box, a cloth bag and even a zip lock bag are ideal containers. Another suggestion is to purchase a silver tarnish cloth from a local fabric store. You can cut pieces of it to keep inside the cupboard or compartment of your airtight containers as additional protection.

Products to Use to Prevent and Treat Oxidation

No-Tarnish Strips or chalk can be kept in your boxes when keeping your sterling silver accessories. They both work by absorbing the substances in the atmosphere that bring about corrosion. Both items should be changed with a fresh piece every quarterly. Also think about utilizing acid-free paperstock especially if you are putting in any jewelry tags, earring cards or any other paper goods in the same bag with your accessories.

If tarnish has started to materialize on your jewelry, there are treatment steps to stick to. Just polish it clean utilizing a silver cloth. This specialized cloth has two parts: a cleaning cloth and a polishing cloth. Unless the piece is terribly tarnished, it will still be able to remove the stain. Take good measures, and your jewelry will remain as dazzling as it did the day you fell in love with it.

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