dimanche 17 février 2013

Make sure You Always Take A Superior Passport Pic Every Time

By David Hawkin

When the time to renew passports arrive, many people face the task with dread and gloom. The resulting photo is often one the owner is embarrassed to show to friends. With passport photos Leeds and planning beforehand, it is possible to get great results.

Benjamin Franklin once said "by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." The same principle can be applied to having you passport photograph taken. Follow these top tips for fantastic results that you can be proud of, otherwise you could be stuck with a frightful picture for the next ten years.


Several commercial outlets provide photographs for this purpose, and the one selected will depend on the individual's personal preference. It is even possible for travellers to take the photograph themselves. The do-it-yourself option is usually cheaper but can require a good knowledge of how to meet requirements. For professional results, consider a studio, but realize this is generally the most expensive method. Regardless of the method selected, be sure the results are acceptable before printing.


This is the time to look one's personal best. If it has been a while since the last visit to a salon, schedule an appointment for a style, haircut and color before the picture will be shot. Men should make sure facial hair is groomed and tidy on the day of the photograph. Ladies should keep make-up in neutral tones and looking natural.


Clothes should be smart and simple while avoiding pastels, bold colors and contrasting patterns. Avoid white as it tends to blend into the background and makes the person look washed out. Select darker colors that give the greatest contrast. A good photograph may be used for more than just passports, so it is good to choose business-like clothing for the session.


Be sure the body is well rested the night before the session to ensure there are no bags under the eyes. As a result, you will look your best and the photograph will be more appealing.


While regulations differ, some do not allow the subject to smile. This does not mean one must have a sad and gloomy look. Take time to relax and think happy thoughts about a person that would cause a smile. Maintain an expression that is neutral while keeping the eyes open and the mouth closed. Many people find it helpful to practice a pose and see their facial expression in the mirror before the session.

Being organised is often the best advice to create a professional looking photo that can easily be shown to friends.

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