mercredi 11 février 2015

Achieving A New Look With Old Reclaimed Wood Wall Decor

By Beryl Dalton

Old is new again in design. Often, the same thing occurs with fashion, as celebrities appear in vintage clothing that's been updated with modern approaches, like jewelry, makeup, and hair styles. In interior design, all the rage has to do with reclaimed wood wall decor. It's so beneficial on so many levels, and beautiful.

For starters, old barn wood, for example, is a wonderful solution for the environment. As the material was used in one way long ago, it has found a new use, so it won't end up in garbage dumps. There are many uses for reclaimed wood, aside from eye-catching wall decor that would tie in beautifully for an outcome that would be the envy of everyone.

Some people are stumped with regards to how it would look in their homes, and the tend to avoid it. This is common among average people who don't really understand how to mix old and new together to create a beautiful space. Certainly, it is the solution in a rustic theme because the material itself is naturally aged and looks rough. However, one can take this rough and rustic look and blended into a modern theme, too. This would create visual interest because of the old and new mixing, and the high polishes being toned down with the rough textures.

Aside from rich textures, this would can have different colors that really can't be found in newer materials. What's more is that a consumer can expect the product to be long-lived because of its durability. Of course, being weathered, they won't look damaged, even if they do become subjected to a few bumps and grinds.

Applying it in the home is easy. It can go well in almost any room, or can be applied in various rooms to create a common theme and natural flow throughout the space. Consider using it in the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room, dining room, and so on. There is no end to where it can go, complementing the existing furniture and design scheme, or creating a bold contrast.

The recycled wood can come from various sources, so choosing it is definitely a personal preference. Consider that it was previously a part of another structure, and has been recycled after being disassembled. Get it from a good source, which is one that can provide the history behind it.

Decorations using this material that are mounted on display are really eye-catching decorations, as well. Photos and art can be framed as they are embraced in these rich textures to provide the overall rustic feel. While they may feel rustic, and appears so, they are a fresh approach to design and a trend that has caught on and is here to stay.

Entire walls are decorated with this material in order to provide that focal point that every room needs. They can dress up and otherwise bare backdrop behind the couch, or one in the bathroom. It will not only look and feel good within the space, but also within the homeowner who knows that this environmentally friendly solution has many benefits attached to it. Great ideas can be found in design magazines and online.

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