samedi 21 février 2015

Future Movie Trailers And Their Reviews

By Olivia Cross

The year presents cinema enthusiasts with an exiting to-watch list. This is evident from the future movie trailers of the action expected in your nearest theater any time. There are all genres including science fiction, comedy, series and action. The movies feature the greatest actors in Hollywood as well as new exciting characters.

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 features among the most anticipated titles. These are ninety minutes packed with science fiction and comedy for screen lovers. Steve Pink has done an excellent job directing Gillian Jacobs, Chevy Chase, Thomas Lennon and Adam Scott as the stars. They are used to narrate the story of the Father of the Internet called Lou, shot by unknown goons. The time machine is ignited by Jacob and Nick Fire in at attempt to save their friend.

The Duff is a comedy expected to hit the screens in 2015. It is about a senior in high school who has just discovered that she is the Designated Ugly Fat Friend. She embarks on a mission to change the social pecking order in the school. She is about to give her friends a run for their beauty. The director is Ari Sandel and features such stars as Bella Thome, Allison Janney and Mae Whitman.

McFarland USA is a 128 minutes drama that is directed by Niki Caro. The actors starring in the drama include Morgan Saylor, Kelvin Costner and Maria Bello. This story depicts a determined coach in a small California town whose determination and vision is to transform amateur athletes into champions. His achievement in this endeavor is a great inspiration to the community and to the young athletes.

Wild Tales is a combination of comedy, thriller and drama in 122 minutes. Under the direction of Damian Szifron, actors like Damian Benitez, Liliana Ackerman and Alejandro Agelini are lost in an abyss of alluring pleasure. This is as a result of deceptive love, tragedy and a journey into the past. These combinations drive the team to the blink of loosing control.

Gloria is adopted from the life of a successful Mexican pop star whose popularity is driven by her songs and singing style. It is the scandal that locks her life that represents her greatest test to the point of destroying her. Christian Keller is the director tasked with bringing the best out of Osvaldo Rios, Sophia Espinosa and Marco Perez.

Focus packs romance, comedy, drama and crime in 102 minutes. This is the work of two directors namely John Requa and Glenn Ficarra in-charge of actors Will Smith, BD Wong and Margot Robbie as stars. It is about a veteran grifter who has taken and young and very attractive woman under her wings. Their romantic involvement complicates the plot.

Little Boy is the work of director Monteverde Alejandro who has proven that war, comedy and drama can coexist in a script. The plot tells of a boy separated from the father by WW II. This boy is determined to go all the way and ensure that his father comes home. The love that is shown by the boy away from the battlefield is similar to what the father shows at war in order to return home.

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