mardi 20 octobre 2015

Solid Color Neckties And Why You Will Love It

By Deana Norton

Different types of occasions will require you to wear a certain fashion type. But if we speak about neckties, you are already assured that you will look great in any events you have to attend. Most especially if you have a very good taste of styling then you will definitely pull off everything that you will wear. Matching and mixing different colors and patterns is never a problem for you.

But in terms of necktie designs, you know that men often purchase different solid colored ones. This is because it helps them to have an ease in matching or mixing everything. They also know solid color neckties are great and are very useful to any occasions they should attend within the year. It is ageless and never inappropriate.

If you wish to put on a checkered or any patterned shirt, you can best pair the single and the solid colored necktie you got in your wardrobe. Because of that, you could just easily show your very good looking tie while making your entire outfit perfect. If youre not so sure with your decision, try to use a color wheel in guiding you with all your color complements.

Earthly colors are commonly used. These colors are the easiest colors to match and to mix with other colors. You could put on your simple green shirt and partner it with solid brown necktie, thus you are really now looking good. You may also partner your maroon shirt with a black tie and every single thing of your outfit is all set and ready for the event.

Aside from referring to your color wheel, you should also consider your skin complexion. Well, your choice of color and matching it with that certain color is a good one. But when you tried to wear it, you look like a boy who first tried his coat and tie. One way in pulling this off is to know first what color best suits your skin complexion, and then choose the tie that best fit your shirt.

Events are important factors. If you just simply wear your tie at work in a conservative company, then sturdy colored ties are just perfect. It can help you in taking all things light, good, and cool. Dont put on any stripes, checkered, or avant garde designs because you no longer preserved the conservative look of your company. You already looked so outgoing and so adventurous.

Besides looking great, the sturdy ones are the finest ones to use in your formal events. Again, your tie will never go wrong. But there are colors that are naturally inappropriate for formal occasions. It includes the hot pink, lime green, and fire red. Simply pick the darker colored ones like maroon or your navy blue. Always evade the light colored ones.

Once again, this piece is what most men use. It can be used in different types of occasion because of its timelessness and classical look. When you need to go to a party after work, you no longer have to change outfits. Simply take your coat off and you are party ready.

If you would just stare at a man that wears silk necktie, you would see him stand out in the crowd. He just simply looks modern and definitely carries himself with so much power that makes people get intimidated. This is because of the capability of the silk to reflect natural light which later makes the entire piece bold looking.

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