jeudi 29 octobre 2015

Tips In Preparing For A Knockout Elvis Tribute

By Mattie Knight

We all have someone who we consider as a role model. They could be family members, friends, teachers and even stars. They are those people who have somehow inspired us in one way or another to pursue our own dreams and strive harder.

We have different people whom we admire, and part of those that receive a lot of attention are entities working in the music industry. So wide is their influence that contests and events are created just for them. Such is the case of the Elvis tribute San Francisco. While Mr. Presley is gone, the marks he left in the entire music industry remains something that is revered by many.

To those who consider themselves as avid fans of Elvis, then joining competitions as tributes is a very welcome opportunity. And if you are part of those who would like to try out the impersonation category, then as early as now, you should already start preparing. Have a look at the things you can start doing from your end.

Get as much information as you can about Elvis. This should you be you primary concern when attempting to impersonate Elvis. Remember that you are acting out as him, and its only natural that you know some of the general facts about his life. There is a good chance that a question and answer portion will arise. Better be informed.

Get familiar and practice the way he carries himself. Anything, even those that others may dismiss as a minor matter could make a difference. From the way he walks, his gestures on stage, his favorite pick up lines if any, and all other related things can come in handy when you start performing. Those who are avid fans of the icon could recognize the mannerisms easily.

Get on with his fashion. From the clothes he wears up to his hairstyles, blings and footwear, you should strive to achieve the looks hes been known for. Search engines are efficient tools for looking up to stock photos about him. Choose a particular attire that he often wears and focus on perfecting it.

Train your voicing. Any impersonation contest will not be complete in the absence of the voice. He is a singer after all. Ideally, you should have a good voice as well. But of course, everyone is welcome. Just make sure that you train yourself in advance in terms of singing his songs. Try to attain the closes voicing impersonation as you can while practicing.

Practice the actual act you plan on performing in front of people. A good way to do this is to invite people you know like your friends to see you rehearse. Ask them to be observant so they could comment on the entire thing later on. Doing this in front of people will not only help you relax your nerves but will also allow you to get inputs from other people for possibilities of improving other parts of your performance.

There is no shortcut to perfecting the impersonation. So if you would like to grab the win, then its only natural that you spend time preparing. Get some work done now.

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