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Key Aspects About Genuine Leather Backpack New York

By Carl Barnes

Most people prefer using hide bags since they are classy, beautiful and are durable. Getting a genuine leather product is not as easy as it seems since there are a lot of fake products that have flooded the market. It is recommendable to spend enough time evaluating different aspects to get a bag that can serve you accordingly. Below are factors to consider when selecting a genuine leather backpack New York.

Does the leather meet the required standards? It is important to learn how to identify a genuine hide from a fake one. Genuine products are supposed to have a musty natural smell while fake ones have a chemical smell. Try to bend part of its surface and check whether it slightly turns its color. You should also check whether it forms wrinkles when it is pressed.

Acknowledge the tanning process that was used. Hide used to manufacture bags can be tanned using chromium or natural products. Products that are made out of leather that has been tanned using natural products are quite durable compared with the other process. Even so, products that are made using this process are quite expensive since this process is quite tedious to undertake.

What are the handwork features that guarantees durability? The handwork used to make the bag also determines its durability. You expect the stitches to be made in a continuous manner both inside and outside. The thread used in this process should be durable enough to enhance its carrying capacity. It handles should as well be reinforced with metal fixtures or additional stitches to enhance their durability.

What is the condition of quality hardware? You must also consider the quality of the hardware to be completely certain about the reliability of your backpack. You should consider parts such as the rings, zippers, handles and the strap fitting. They should be made out of a durable metal such as lead or stainless steel.

Which is the best make that you can find? There are thousands of makes that one can choose from. However, particular makes are renowned for their quality products. You should strive to buy their products since there is a guarantee of getting a genuine product. Most renowned manufacturer originate from France, Italy, the US and England.

Evaluate the suspension that the bag has. These bags vary in their suspension, and there are three types that you can choose from. These varieties include the interchangeable type, adjustable and fixed ones. The interchangeable type is the best option since it can be carried in different positions. The fixed and the adjustable types require one to maintain the back carrying position which can be tiring when one is carrying a heavy load.

What is the best price that you can get? Compare different stores to get the most reasonable price in the market. Most people assume that quality products usually sell at a high price. However, most products from renowned manufacturers are sold at a high price even though they do not meet the best standards. For that reason, you need to evaluate different aspects when comparing different products if you want to narrow down to a quality product a reasonable price.

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