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Top Rated Puppeteers Chicago Expound On The Various Types And Styles Of Shows

By Cynthia Edwards

Puppet shows are adored by both kids and adults. This is because puppetry provides exceptional entertainment for all people, irrespective of their ages. For decades, puppet shows have stood among the most crowd pleasing styles of entertainment. Today, they are commonly used to entertain the audience during birthday parties, school functions and also corporate events. When searching for top rated puppeteers Chicago is an ideal place to begin your hunt.

Competent specialists will dedicate themselves to delivering educative and exciting shows. If you are still new in seeking puppetry services, there are several basic facts that you should be familiar with before beginning research for the right service. Here is a rundown of the different puppet show types and styles that you can choose from.

To begin with, you can choose bridge shows. Normally, such shows are marionette-driven and a puppeteer will be on scaffold above the stage. Such shows call for elaborate production because only the puppets will be featured. The puppeteer will remain hidden on the bridge that is above the stage. Bridge puppet shows are classic and they guarantee optimal entertainment even for adults.

Then again, you may decide to go for giant state puppets. In this case, the puppet show will be visually stimulating because of the massive and oversized puppets that will be used. A few puppeteers will man the puppets, though they will first need to wear all black costumes and masks to conceal their faces. In short, the audience will not see the professionals operating the puppets. Giant state puppet presentations are quite popular in acrobat and circus shows and they promise an outstandingly visually interesting look.

Back light puppetry is yet another great option you may go for. The experts will in this case depend on lighting effects to conceal themselves as they man the puppets on stage. Based on the type of stage that is offered, the experts can either fully or partially hide themselves behind a black curtain.

Finally, you have the option of choosing rod puppetry. This is not so different from marionette driven shows, the only major difference being that the experts will operate the dummies from below and not above. During a show, the experts remain concealed using different staging elements. In the majorities of cases, proficient puppeteers use marionettes alongside rod puppets to deliver detailed and outstandingly entertaining productions.

A lot of changes have taken place within the world of puppetry over the years. In this age, puppet shows are commonly used for theater and kids entertainment. This was even so not the case when the first show was produced over 3000 years ago by Egyptians. Historically, puppetry has been used for different reasons during different eras.

Shadow puppetry gained its popularity in the 1500s in Western Asia. Between the 1300s and 1700s Italians began using puppets to stage religious morality shows as they taught the Bible. Research shows that even Shakespeare occasionally depended on puppets instead of actors. Finally, puppetry was introduced in American television shows in 1940 and the first show that was aired was Howdy Doody. As the art received more and more warm reception, shows like The Muppet Show and Sesame Street came to life.

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