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A Discussion On The Quality And Features Of Picture Framing

By Joseph West

Surely you have a photographic keepsake that bodes nostalgic memories of good old days. This deserves a high place of honor, not tucked away in some obscure drawer. For this, you would need picture framing richmond VA.

One can point out many comforts and convenience where good framing is concerned. For one, it can be aptly and elaborately decorated to the point where it enhances and further beautifies a good picture. Also, what with nifty hooks and bolts, displaying and hanging is much easier. It wouldnt hurt to mention the obvious and say that frames protect the pictures from incurring anything alike to damage.

Durably framed artworks are also assured to be in sterling condition for a longer time. That is why museums without exception cloak their precious works of art with elaborate frames. It has the added bonus of effectively drawing out the beauty of a work through highlighting certain colors, shapes, and other features.

Traditionally, picture frames have been constructed from wood, that which is still very much common today. However, weve come to branch out to certain materials like silver, aluminum, bronze, and plastics. Colors and textures abound. And its common for mats to be elaborately gilded and molded. In fact, they are in danger of overwhelming and overpowering their enclosed artwork.

Of course, we should also draw on the necessary protection, glass. Plexiglas, acrylic glaze, and even plastic are just some of the panes used. They are indispensable in water based artwork and some oil paintings. The cover must be separated in microns from the surface of the paper. This is to give off room for the evaporation of condensed dew that may form in the glass. When not done so, it may stick or smudge or else from welts and grow mold spores and mildew.

The making of picture frames was such an important enterprise in days of yore. In fact, this contraption was made by important personages like sculptors, artists, and furniture makers. That just goes to show that it was an important art form, or else contributed to other acknowledged ones. Thats not to say though that picture framing is no longer a substantial enterprise today because it is, as a matter of fact.

Likewise, there are certain considerations to take into account when glass coverings are the moot point. For one, it MUST be raised off the paper surface. That is because if the paper and glass touch directly, the condensation common in this kind of covering would have no space to evaporate and instead absorb directly into the art, which, needless to say, is damaging. It may cause sticking or smudging, mildew, spore growth, and some such. Also, when real glass isnt used, there may be static charge build up, which can peel off pigment particles from the media.

There are even digital photo frames in this time and age. With this nifty contraption, one can display photographs directly from a memory card, USB, Bluetooth and cellular technology. There are even built in speakers because, as it is, its possible to play video content. And theres even an internal memory storage.

Picture frames are everyday objects and are accordingly common and hackneyed. Because of this, we tend to overlook its well devised functionality. All the parts, components, and features come together like cogs in a watch to evince an appreciable harmony and regularity.

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