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How To Wear A 5x Big T Shirts With Style

By Brian Foster

Everyone has that one big t-shirt that they do not wear because it is too big. However, this does not mean that you should throw them away. Also, if you love buying these t-shirts because of their comfort, it is not an excuse to look untidy and unfashionable. The article will provide you with secrets known to very few about how you can change that boring 5x big t shirts into a stylish item in your wardrobe.

When you are going to bed, you need to wear an outfit that is comfortable. Both men and women should ensure that they wear free clothes. As a woman, you can wear the big t-shirt in your wardrobe as a night wear. If the shirt is too long, then cut it into a size that is acceptable. By doing this, you will have changes that boring clothing item in your wardrobe into a good night outfit.

This garment probably has a very wide neck. Therefore, you can easily slip it to your shoulders. You can choose to wear it as an off shoulder. This changes the entire look of the garment. When it is work this way, people will tend to assume that it is an outfit structured to fit on the shoulders while in the real sense it is a shirt that has a large neck circumference.

If you are looking for a Friday outfit and you do not have anything to wear, you can always use your large t-shirts. On Fridays, you need to look for a casual loo but it should be decent and smart. You can wear a pair of jeans a large t-shirt and wear a blazer on top. You will have a casual look with a touch of formality.

You can also create a dress from this outfit. As long as the t-shirt is long enough, you can make it address by adding a belt. Once you add a belt, you give this piece of garment some shape and when you accessorize it the right way, you will end up having an outfit that you will not want to lose from your wardrobe.

Everyone needs a laid back look. If you are looking for an outfit that is laid back and all you have is a t-shirt, put on some stocking and you are good to go. However, to avoid looking indecent, only try this look when the t-shirt that you want to use is long.

When going for a picnic or a sport event, you need to be comfortable but you also need to loo stylish. You can always wear a t-shirt with a pair of shorts. Tack the t-shirt in partly and avoid wearing a t-shirt that will be longer than the shorts that you wear. You can add good sporty shoes to complete the look.

Finally, you can wear it with Dungarees. Look for dungarees that will match the t-shirt perfectly in terms of the colors and the patterns. Ensure that the t-shirt does not hang loose and if the dungaree is short, the t-shirt should not belong, if it is long, cut it down to an acceptable size. It can be very hard to wear t-shirts in a style way, the article has provided six secrets on how to make this outfit stylish.

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