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Getting A Job As A Dallas Santa For Hire

By Arthur Davis

The approach of the holidays mean for many people that it is time to start thinking of way to earn extra money. People who are low on cash and want extra funds to buy presents with often start looking for work that they can do on a temporary basis. When you find yourself in the same situation, you may wonder what jobs you can do that do not require working at a fast food joint or working part-time at a retail store. Instead, you could find steady and temporary work by taking a job as a Dallas Santa for hire.

The idea of taking this job may seem like a lot of fun at first. After all, it lets you be creative and use your imagination while engaging children who are excited about Christmas. However, not every child who comes up to sit on your lap will be a bundle of joy and energy. In fact, you may encounter some that put your nerves to the test and challenge you to stay in character during the experience.

For instance, it is nothing new for children especially babies and toddlers to cry at seeing someone they do not know. When a child is placed on your lap, you may prepare yourself for he or she to scream, cry, and throw a tantrum. During the whole thing, you must stay in character without showing your real emotions.

You also are expected to remain level headed when children tell you heartbreaking stories about their own personal lives. Perhaps they will tell you about how they want you to bring back a dead pet or a lost parent. It can be important for you to know how to respond to these requests reasonably and without showing emotions yourself.

Another requirement involves passing a background check. Chances are that the organization that hires you will not simply trust you to be a safe individual. By law, the people responsible for hiring you may be required to put you through a quick but thorough background check to look for violent crimes.

If you have a criminal record, you may need to disclose the details of it prior to being hired. Crimes that involve assault, burglary, or anything that could put children at risk will generally bar you from employment. However, misdemeanors like speeding may be overlooked and allow you to still be hired.

The last thing to keep in mind involves your personal hygiene. Kids expect the jolly old elf to look and smell good. You will have to wear deodorant and brush your teeth each day before coming to work. You also will need to keep your face clean so you can pull of the appearance that children expect.

If you can satisfy these conditions, you might want to apply to be a temporary Santa Claus during the upcoming holiday season. These types of openings are generally plentiful toward the end of October and start of November. It could allow you to make some extra cash without having to take a job in a fast food joint or retail shop. You also get to have some fun and be creative during it.

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