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The Most Common Types Of Piercings

By Joyce McDonald

Jewelries are something that has been popular way before the modernization has come. There are ancient proof that shows how the first people to live the earth made their own jewels out of the materials they have. There are those which are made of stones, made of animal teeth and so much more. With that fact, it only is normal to think that people are really into something that helps them look good as the main purpose of these accessories is to accentuate the appearance of someone and make them even more comfortable of themselves. That should be the main reason why even know there still are body jewelry Kingston England shops that continuously creates great design of accessories.

Right now, at this very same moment of modernization, there probably are more than a handful of accessory type in general. Like everyday, there are always fashion trends that comes out and introduces new jewels off the bat. And one of the very popular type of which are the piercings that also has a handful of classification to begin with.

So probably the most popular ones of all are those barbells because there are way too many kids and grown ups are using it. And, to lay it obviously, these things are not meant for ears alone even though they literally are for that area to begin with. But anyway, its classifications are broken into three.

The very first one are straight barbells which looks like a miniature of a gym barbells. Though it comes with different styles on each tip, it can be a ball or something triangular. But nonetheless, the thing that connects it in between is particularly straight. Next are curved ones which are the same in style minus the straight connection between because obviously it comes with a curve.

Another type of piercing there is and looks pretty good are those studs. This are also called as straight post and they often are worn in a labret style of piercings. They typically are seen on the part of ear where the cartilage sits in.

And the last and probably the coolest out of the bunch are spiral because it has these waves that makes it really look undeniably cool. Studs are also a thing and they are good too. They commonly are attached to the hardest parts of ears which are named as cartilage.

Next are the horseshoe rings that are exactly just like how they sound like. They have this circular shape horseshoe and enclosed with a ball at each of its end. They are like the captive rings just cause they can be worn in many possible piercings.

Next would be the horseshoe ring and yes that really looks like an horseshoe that has this round shape. They are enclosed with a small ball on its end like a barbell does. They are as well highly attachable to nose, brows, ears and everywhere.

Moving on to the lippy loops which are like staples formed round. This kind of look like a barbell as well but there is a slight difference and every piercing enthusiast can name and notice that. Those balls or stuff in its end are pretty much pointed outwards. And then there are shields which looks good on navels.

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