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Abstract Fine Art Studio And Gallery Pennsylvania: Alcohol Ink On Canvas

By Pamela Ross

If you are looking for gorgeous blends of color and extravagance, then alcohol ink on canvas is the way to go. This is not a technique may just go with from the get-go, so before you begin you might need some tips. But it is a beautiful method that can turn into divine pieces when fully mastered. Abstract fine art studio and gallery Pennsylvania teach that it is also something you should never shy away from exploring.

Painting with this substance requires that you purchase the correct material to paint on. This is materials such as glass, glossy cardstock, metal and yupo paper. Any other material would not work if anything you would be wasting it. Think about what you are trying to create. Try to visualize it and pick the one material you believe will bring that to life.

Before you begin actually painting, you need to see how the different colored paints react when mixed together. Most people prefer to try mixing the colors together on a separate paper or material. Try to paint with them to see how to best blend them together, before you use your actual canvas. Think of it as a trial run so that you don t make a mistake on your real material.

Don t underestimate how useful a blending solution could be to your work. You can add it to the substance before you use it, or you can add to your already inked material. The correct amount can make your image look phenomenal. It creates a curvy and wavy kind of look that can be noted in abstract and portrait paintings. If you were looking to do add a touch of extraordinary, this is it.

Those that have used this substance before, can attest to its ability to dry off quickly, it s vibrant colors and the marble look after it had become dry. Because of all these factors and more, this is the kind of thing you need to know about before you use it. Because it dries quicker than usual you might need to work quicker. The bright colors are for when you want to try telling the story in a different way.

This substance, although packaged in tiny little bottles, is capable of going a really long way. The colors are strong and concentrated, you need to wise about how much you use at one go. Too much can look very overwhelming, so you must learn not to put in too much. But that little bottle can last you a long time, so it s a great investment. You won t have to worry about restocking for a while.

There are two options you can test out to apply this substance. The fallible pen as well as the felt applicator. The both do real nice work, though very different, you can use the pen for all the details in your work. The applicator you can use when you are trying to mash all the different colors into one. The best thing to do would be to follow what comes naturally.

The possibilities are endless, don t let your mind focus too much on the technicalities. Try not to let the fact that you have never used this deter you from exploring what is possible. It is all worth it if you are able to produce an incredible masterpiece you can glare at in awe.

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