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Little Truths About Pow Wows 2019

By Jerry Rogers

Whenever we heard the word festival, we can imagine an occasion where people gather and get merry all day long. At present, there are a thousand events like this around the globe and each of them are uniquely presented to others. You can bet to have this feeling of excitement when you attend the pow wows 2019 celebration which is perhaps the feast to commence all of them.

It is basically a social event in a local Native American groups, but what sets it apart from others is the way it carries a rich and colorful cultural aspect. At this present moment, it has been more of keeping intact the traditions of a tribe while appreciating the fact that no two Indian societies have the same exact culture from each other. This is the reason why celebrations would last from a day until one week, because there is simply not enough time to spend precious moments together once the event stops.

Before it happens sometimes on a yearly basis, it is thoroughly prepared even lasting almost a year by members of a committee. Often times, a group may act as the sponsor on the gathering which is also part of the planning. This will be responsible in the advertisement, setting a venue and recruitment of sellers who will be around during the festivities.

One major characteristicis the loud drumming sounds that could be heard for many miles. It is a crucial and integral part for the celebration, since it accentuates the mood the people had for the festivity. Accompanying these beats are songs which are sung repeatedly, be it coming from the Northern high pitched style or the Southern low pitched one.

Their traditional dances are rich in movement and has depth in meaning, since they were a gathering for religious leaders in each tribe. Sometimes, wars between them are ended here with a peace treaty and this gives a significant unifying attribute to the festivity. As it is in actuality a ritual for medical practices, mending wounded relationships is part of the essence on this feast.

At the start of the ceremony, dancers would enter the halls and try to invite their guests into dancing with them. They would notice that the movements could be aptly described as energetic and having a fast timing. These people often come in full feathered colorful attire to signify the richness of their tradition and culture.

What their society really is could be reflected by the way they dance and sang their songs, aside from their exhibits for everyone to see. Sometimes, they will cook food prepared by their own way of serving them. You might also get to see fine arts from their tribes and marvel at their deep meaning.

Their songs hold a special place in their hearts, as these carry along their rich traditions and culture ultimately passing them on to the next generation. Most of them are still sung in their native languages, whether composed originally or a revival of some sort. Usually, when singing commences, that is also the start of dancing by different groups.

These people are the original settlers of our country and it is a high time we give them something in return. We need to stop being ethnocentric towards others, and look at other cultures as unique and beautiful on their own. Feasts should unite us as a single group of people who understand each other very well.

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