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Digital Printing Can Save You A Lot Of Money As Troubles

By Timothy Walker

If you've reached the point where your company now has a branding or advertising budget, or even if you've decided that it the time is ripe to get your company name noticed - you should consider approaching a specialist in digital printing in Syracuse, NY. They can help you with the design and execution of a number of promotional aspects.

The technology is a new-ish process. It is where an image is printed directly from digital media onto a variety of surfaces like paper, metal or glass. In many instances, it has replaced the traditional method of offset prints.

The powder dye sublimation produces high-end photo images. It doesn't use individual dots, and instead the ink is vaporized and sticks to special paper. Once it cools, the ink becomes solid, creating a neater finish than inkjet jobs would have. Solid ink is cheaper, because you don't need inkjet photo paper. This process works by melting wax-based ink and spraying small drops onto the desired surface area. These can give produce vivid colors and can usually print onto any kind of surface.

Thermal autochrome printing is a lot fancier and is used by digital photographers. It uses specialized light-sensitive paper which has embedded layers of color. These colors are activated by heat from the printer.

If you're looking for lots of detail, going it digitally is the ideal way to go. To get the high level of detail, ink will be applied thinner than that applied during screen job executions. The screen print process uses stencils and the ink is applied in separate layers with a new stencil for each color. It is also interesting to note that only four colors are used in the process! Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black can be combined to make any color you need.

The design of the vehicle wrap should be handled by the professionals, with some input from you, of course. The files are created in specialized software, are usually very large and take longer to create than those required for normal digital printed media. Once you've approved the design and artwork, these files are printed on vinyl and laminated.

If you're going to be using a custom font and you're not embedding this into the PDF file, you should make sure that you provide the printer with this font. You should also make sure that you supply the printer with all the necessary graphics needed. A number of companies are happy to receive these files by email, size permitting.

Go big or go home: if your advertising budget pockets are fairly deep, wouldn't it be great to print something huge with your company name on it? Your options could range from wall printing (like wallpaper) to Courtwrap (for the floors) or perhaps a billboard or even a building wrap! Whatever you decide, don't delay - get looking for digital job executions in Syracuse, NY today!

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