lundi 8 août 2016

The Truth About Salsa Dance Lessons Tulsa

By Patricia Gray

The art of making body moves which are meant for entertainment purposes is known as dancing. We have different types of dancing styles and the major one is salsa which we will have a wider depth of it. Having originated in New York City where it was strongly influenced by Latin America specifically Cuba. Change in music genres have made salsa change and get a fusion of Afro-Caribbean and Afro-Cuban dances, with salsa dance lessons Tulsa being among the influencing factors.

Ideas that are set by people in order to explain the origin of salsa are in plenty. Some say it was mothered by musicians who made cries while paying music and the cries mothered salsa. Record labels are also believed to have used it as way to get more sales due to its smoking-hot and sweet beats hence used the named salsa.

In this type of dance, the major style used is when the dancer moves his or her weight from one place to the other by stepping, the upper part of the body is one the level and is unmoved by weight changes. Shifting of weight makes hips sway, shoulder movements and hands are also blended together. Traits that identify a style includes; timing, movement of the body, turns and figures, attitude of dancers and the way they hold each other during dancing.

Salsa dances and lessons are held in different venues and since it is a form of social dance it takes place in social venues like bars, night clubs, and ballrooms also in open places like stadiums where the festivals are held outdoors. Metropolitan cities do hold these festivals annually in different parts of the world. Dancers and those who are eager to learn do get successful tips of dancing, get to know different moves, exchange ideas on how to become a star in salsa dancing and so on.

We have many merits of involving into dancing activities among the old and the young. To mention but a few includes; promoting social-cultural practices, keeps the brain active to the dancers, builds career and communication skills and so on. We will look into every detail of these merits so that we can have a better clarity of what we are talking about.

Unity is strength so goes the adage and through unity many things are achieved. In the long run we find that when people come together to exchange different cultural activities they do benefit a lot from the activities. Many things are put in mind which they later go ahead and practice them.

Youths are protected from immoral ways when they indulge into this art since their leisure time is spent there. Idleness leads to birth of evil thoughts which they youths so contrary to the community laws. The mind is always at ease when dancing become part of the youths and mastering of many things become easier than before.

It is the high time the government starts talents academies to nurture different talents including dancing from the youths. Talents do pay and when the youths compete with others from different countries and emerge winners they become a symbol of national pride. This is the only way to unlock poverty shackles among the youth since they use talents to make cash, they climb the tower of power when all the financial freedom they have comes with responsibility.

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