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Important Areas To Capture For Santa Monica Wedding Photography

By Elizabeth Russell

Weddings are epic life moments. Many people have just one of these. It is a sign of joining families and sharing love with friends. It is crucial to have the day well covered and especially photography and video. A good Santa Monica wedding photography expert can help individuals realize this dream. The day may be fun filled. An expert can capture the moments without getting distracted. It is important to note that the best photograph moments are captured in a split second. They must be able to find these magical moments through the event. Here is a general guide of important areas to cover.

Pre-wedding pictures are important. They help the couple acclimatize to the photographer. Also, the expert can find the strong points and limitations of the couple. In this regard, they can manipulate their cameras to capture the best pauses. Still, dreamy pictures of special gift such as the engagement ring must be taken. Also, the bride and groom can practice some pauses for their big day. Others choose to have freestyle photos.

On the big day ensure you take photographs as the bride and groom getting ready. For the bride, take photos of the gown in the hanger and the mother helping the bride to dress up. Also, ensure to document the makeup moments, detailed photos of bridal shoes, jewelry bouquet, as well as, the dress code. Replicate the same for groom. At the same time, capture alone moments after the groom is ready to leave for the venue.

During the ceremony, take pictures of the empty venue and the decoration. The guest arrival is also important. More importantly, take pictures during arrival of guests, the groom and his escort walking down the aisle. Take up-close captions of the groom waiting for the bride. Capture the spectacle of this part of the ceremony that is, the bride. Capture her arrival and more importantly on the guest and groom reactions. Also, take the bridal party the flower girl and ring bearer. The first kiss and the ring exchange must be captured clearly.

Take shots of the newlyweds before the reception. Take a few pictures of them with the family as well, some with a few friends, as well as, the bridal party. Do not forget to take pictures of party guests and groomsmen together with the couple.

At the reception, capture the empty site. Take close up pictures of the tables, cards, champagne glass and bottles, and the table set up. The cake is the spectacle of this part of the ceremony. Picture the arrival of guests, the high table, still photos of friends and relatives. If there is a dance, capture the movements up-close.

Note that there are other special micro-moments happening within the ceremony. Capture random photos of guest chatting, laughing, children smiling. Also, take note of reactions of everyone when the attention is on the master of ceremony. Make sure you take photos of parents smiles and inside chats.

Weddings are special occasions for the couple, their friends and families. It is important to have a good record on the day. A good photographer must capture the best moments such as the first kiss, the first dance and others. They must also capture the guests enjoying the day.

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