lundi 13 février 2017

Choosing The Right USA Freight Forwarding Company

By Jerry Phillips

If you are new into the importing or exporting business it is important for one to know the best companies to deal with if you want your products to be in safe hands. Choosing the right USA freight forwarding company is a tough decision and one needs to research thoroughly to make sure you make the right decision. Be equipped with basic information to know the right people to work with.

Unlike what most people think it is not an easy job. It is a stressful and challenging career which means that some companies you find online try to find the easy way out. It depends on the cargo you are transporting and how fast you want it to reach to you. One needs to work with a company that constantly updates you on the status of your cargo.

Different people have different expectations therefore do not just expect too much when you are not sure if a company can fulfill. Being in the business does not make them the best therefore do more research to make sure they are the best. They should already be well-established to make sure they are allowed to work globally with different companies.

Know that the particular agent you are about to deal with specializes in. This is because not all agents deal with the same commodity therefore ask just to be sure they also specialize in your commodity just to be sure. They should also be connected to global agents who can help just in case your items got stuck somewhere.

When dealing with such companies in most cases you do not pay the full amount until the cargo has reached to you. Therefore before you commit your time and money make sure you check if the company is strong enough financially to handle the ocean charges. You do not want your cargo to be stuck for days just because they could not pay the required charges.

Communication is important since you need to be updated on the status of your cargo. You will be in a position to tell if they are effective communicators or not depending on how long they keep you waiting on the line and how they answer your questions. They should be in a position to receive phone calls even when things do not go as per expectations.

The best people to tell you how the company is are former clients. Therefore it is important for one to ask for references from your dealer. They should be in a position to give you the contacts of those customers and make sure you contact them. If they are not satisfied ask them for to give you the reasons so that you can be the judge.

Check their history if they have any debt issues that they have not honored and what claims are other customers making. Keep off from a company that has issues with the law in the past as they could mess you up. Look for a dealer who is considerate of the needs of a customer and their goal should be to give their customers the best service.

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