lundi 27 février 2017

The Progress That ACIM Has Made Over The Years

By Jamal D White

A Course in Miracles is considered to be a material that has brought positive effects to the life of several individuals all around the world. The study material of A Course in Miracles consists of three volumes, it was originally written (actually dictated) by Helen Schucman a psychologist from the Columbia University, in the early 70s.

A Course in Miracles was published on 1976, dictated by Helen Schucman and written by her then assistant William Thetford, after it published there are lot of individuals that got attached to it and some of the followers of the course are very renowned people too.

A Course in Miracles comprises of three parts the around 670 paged text book, which describes what the book is all about, the 490 paged Workbook for the students, which describes how the lessons on the book can be applied by the students in their practical life. Lastly a 92 paged teacher's manual that gives the answers to the frequently asked questions by the individuals that read the Course.

Advices that the experienced readers give to the beginners is that they don't need to understand the sentences as the given words but read it with an open heart and not just focus on their personal intellectual understanding. While reading the Course one must try to be in a quiet place so that it can hear the spirit inside them.

A Course in Miracles lets the individuals now how they fall under the tricks of their ego and ignore the real truth behind our existence. Once the students go through the Course they get to learn several other things such as letting go of their past pain and suffering, anger and wounds too. It also helps the individual to become aware of the hidden attributes in them.

People are not found to forgive others very easily. However, A Course in Miracles tells the individuals that forgiveness comes from the right state of mind; it gives rise to the forgiving thoughts in one self. After going through the course people start finding happiness in forgiving one another. It shows how people get influenced into the ego part of the mind and become aggressive and fearful.

A Course in Miracles has been written in a very beautiful language, it is rich with vocabulary and well versed. The poetic sections and blank verse present in the book has also made several students of the Course to compare with some of the world's greatest literature. The course shares a deeper belief in the divine, shares a intellect and brings out the true spiritual inspiration in the individual.

For individuals that are willing to live a new life, there are a lot of factors that they can look into to achieve it. Now you also need to think about what you are going to do so that you can improve your own life. What are you going to do to ensure that you get back into your life? It is not going to show immediate effect in your life, also it is not going to work the way you want it, but it is going to be helpful to you at some point of time. A Course in Miracle provides you with a lot of tools, which can help you to achieve what you are looking for. It provides you with the knowledge that you need to have, which can help you to lead a better life.

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