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Proper Steps For Cleaning The Faux Sheepskin Rug Material

By Robert Turner

Other common term for a sheepskin is lambskin. Lambskin is the hide of a sheep. This material is not like the common leather types which are tanned with some fleece intact like pelts. A lot of manufacturers have been using these materials for their products like hats, baby and invalid rugs, clothing, slippers, automotive seat covers, covering, footstools, pelts, and gloves.

Fleece or wool is also being considered by medical profession as hypoallergenic. The sheepskin itself is already an insulator, drawing away the perspiration from wearers to the fibers. In the older times, sheepskin vests, boots, coats, and faux sheepskin rug are commonly used by people. So here are the steps of cleaning the item while maintaining the quality.

Filling the tub with a tepid warm water and adding an appropriate powder or liquid solution for the type of material. And since you are having the fleece or wool material, make sure that you are using a delicate wool solution by adding only a small amount of it. In this way, you can maintain the quality of the wool because you are not washing it with a solution that can possibly damage it.

Hot water may also be used for washing. However an excessive use of it may possibly bring some disadvantages. Some of these would include damaging the leather and causing the item to shrink, can cause felting to the wool pile, can cause color loss, can make the rinsing process become difficult, and can set stains which can be hard to remove.

A woolskin shampoo and conditioner is recommended for use in washing and not the wool detergents. These detergents contain phosphates, bleach, triethanolamine, phosphoric acid, chelating agents, alkali, peroxide, sequestering agents, or enzymes. All of these might be harmful to the leather, and thus, using these must be avoided.

Place the rug into the tub fleece in a side down position. Make sure to immerse it fully in the warm water. Similar to washing any other clothing, you may leave the rug and soak it in the water with solution in order for the dirt to be removed by the delicate wash and in order for the smell to stick on it. Thus, there is no need for you to really scrub it which can be one of the causes for it to be worn out and damaged.

The next step is washing it gently using your hands. Sometimes, some stains and dirt may still be left, but never think of scrubbing the item for avoiding damage. After removing all the stains, rinse it very well with fresh warm water. Continue on washing until the water is clear with no bubbles left.

Drain the sheepskin and remove it from the water. With the use of a comb, you may the comb very gently to return the softness when already dried. This can help in avoiding some small ties in the fur, which can make it look ugly. And also, avoid on brushing the fur harshly to prevent it from falling down. Always remember that when combing, do it going to one direction only.

For drying you may either lay it flat, with the fleece in side down, or you may also hang it for drip dying and see to it that you are keeping it away from the direct heat of the sunlight. An excess heat may possibly damage the wool. You can also use the dryer with no heat and set it into a gentle or fluff cycle only.

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