lundi 3 avril 2017

Sight Reading Music For Singers

By Jose Ward

A musician who can sight read is at a better position than one who relies on being taught. There will be no need for instruments to assist in interpreting the scores. By using sight reading music for singers, your reflexes and skills will be sharpened making it easier to sing diverse melodies. This is a skill that will require practice and discipline to master. You can use the tricks shared below.

The first step is to learn the basics of music. Everything else becomes an added advantage. The basics mean knowledge of clefs, key signatures, identifying notes and rhythms, among other elements. Learning through a teacher is easier because the concepts are thoroughly explained. However, you can download sight reading tutorials to use from anywhere. You will gradually take on more complex exercises and elements after understanding the basics.

Remember to practice for both bass and treble clefs. A good student is one who understands all aspects even if you only need one element. Learn even the alto and tenor clefs. Beyond using them as you sing, you need to identify them whenever they appear in your score. There are other components like rhythm that you have to learn. This is one of the most difficult hurdles to cross in a musical career.

Always use high quality training materials to sharpen your skills. Poor quality either in layout or composition will degrade your skills. The layout should be easy to read which will give you an easy time as you practice. It enables you to focus on musical skills other than trying to decipher what the score is all about. The layout should be large enough that you can read from a distance without straining.

Plan your sessions and make them short. Fifteen minutes every day are enough. When you practice consistently, you will have dramatic improvements in your delivery. Keep a journal to track your progress. With a journal, you can account for your time and track progress. From the progress report, you can make adjustments to your plans.

Prepare the materials you require for practice in advance. You may get some from your teacher. However, the teacher can only give you to a certain extent. There are sites with incredible sight reading music sheets and resources for practice. Get a variety of materials to enhance your skills. Ensure that the quality of sheets you gather is high. Using poor quality sheets will affect your skills.

Do not be in a hurry to learn all elements at a go. Learn one aspect before moving to the next. This means completing sofa notation before progressing to note values. You will later combine these elements. Shortcuts will affect your mastery. For instance if you write note pitches on the sheet, you will become a slave and thus unable to sing unless it is written. This weakens your musical potential.

A timer helps you to track progress and ensure that you complete stipulated hours. Endeavor to improve your performance after every practice session. There are other tricks to sharpen your sight reading skills available online. Tackle more complex pieces as you learn. Never rush to learn a skill because it will affect your depth of understanding.

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