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Turn Your Clothes Into Practical Valued Items By Making T Shirt Quilts

By Elizabeth Turner

It's easy to collect a lot of t shirts over time. You may buy them yourself or receive them as gifts. Sometimes, these items that have a great sentimental value are those that you don't want to give away but that you can't wear anymore either. In such cases, there is the option to create practical items with them. It is possible to make t shirt quilts from these garments. The image is kept and displayed on the front of the blanket. Of course, you don't have to do this work yourself. There are individuals who are able to make them for you. They can take your clothes and make wonderful quilts with them that you may use or simply have as a decorative treasure.

There are some kinds of clothing that are very popular - the t shirt is one of them. It's quite easy to acquire a lot of these over the years or even over the course of several months. This can be true whether you live in a warmer climate. While they are excellent for the warm temperatures, they can also be used as a layer in the colder months.

At times these garments may have special value to you. They may have been gifts or items that you have purchased on a holiday. Even if you can't wear them, these objects might not be something to get rid of. However, instead of keeping them around in boxes, there is an alternative.

Rather them getting rid of the garments or putting them into storage, it can be nice to re-purpose them. Making a quilt from the shirts may be a nice and practical idea. The result can be beautiful, unique, and practical. The number of garments you'd require for such a project varies with the size of the blanket you want and the measurements of the clothes. Of course, if you use both sides of the shirt you will need less of them.

Utilizing the garments that mean a lot to you gives you the chance to create something special and unique. It can also be made to look quite attractive. It's possible to arrange the pieces in certain ways to create color matches, image themes, and more. When you decide what arrangement to have, you may start pinning and sewing the pieces together.

This type of project tends to take a bit of organization and time. This is why it can be better to ask another person to do it. There are individuals who have a lot of expertise in sewing and in making blankets.

You only need to supply the fabrics to the person and let them know for preferences for the arrangement. You may discuss the actual design of the final product. There may be other aspects to talk about also.

T shirts can be quite handy to have but sometimes these items add up quite quickly. If they have sentimental value, you might not want to get rid of them even if you can't wear them. By making them into a quilt, you can keep the memory and have something practical as well as decorative. While these projects generally take a lot of work and organization, there are individuals who specialize in these jobs. They are able to use the pieces that you supply and create a beautiful and unique blanket for you.

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