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Why The Escape Rooms Baltimore MD Businesses Offer Can Be Great Team Builders

By Charles Lewis

There are many things that you could do for an evening that will help you relax and have fun in many different ways. Dinner theater, going on a nighttime cruise, simply enjoying each others company at dinner or one that has become very popular lately. That last one would be the many Escape Rooms Baltimore MD offers for a fun filled hour or so.

These rooms, where you must work to actually get out of a locked room may have had, as their inspiration, the dinner theater. In dinner theater, you will be immersed in a murder or other crime. The actors will move about the room and illicit your assistance in finding clues to solve the crime. These new rooms will work in a similar way, but it is all on you and your team to decipher the clues.

There are so many different themes involved in the design of these very special rooms. There may be a zombie in one. There might simply be what would appear to be a simple room in another. All of them have things that can be used to decipher the clues that can be found to find the way out.

Many companies will use these rooms as team building exercises. The reason behind this is that all members of the party must work together to find all of the many clues. They then must interpret these clues to work, one step at a time, to finding the key or the combination to unlock that door to freedom.

Clues to the solving of the puzzle you find yourself in the middle of can be anything in the room. Some may reside in the framed or pinned pictures on the wall. Others can be inside of books or magazines on the table or bookshelf. Some may actually be in the form of a puzzle you must solve, first.

The zombie room is one of the most popular ones out there. This room has a zombie tied up in a corner with a chain or rope. The hour time limit you have is composed of many five minutes increments, at which time, the chain is allowed to loosen up and a foot of chain or rope is allowed to go slack. This means that you must find all of the clues and let yourself out before the zombie can get you.

There are, also, many computer versions of many of these rooms. You can go and pay a few dollars and play on a web based game or download your own game. These are popular for those who do not usually go out at night and are becoming all the rage in many chat rooms as well.

A lot of companies use these as ways to build team rapport. They require the communication necessary to think outside of the box. The group that joins together to accomplish these tasks must accept different leaders, in each discovery, to understand what is being looked at and how it works. Team building is greatly enhanced when everyone has to work together.

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