lundi 3 juillet 2017

Common Elements In Memoirs About Leaving Home

By Jason Fox

A child born at home is received with a lot of love and joy. Everyone in the house wants to hold and please the baby. After some years, the toddle is all grown up and ready to start schooling and soon it wants to make decisions on its own. Time moves fast and in no time, once a small helpless kid want to go out and live on their own. This is a review of memoirs about leaving home where young people take upon themselves to seek freedom. There are things that majority of the young adolescents miss from their family after they have left.

Majority of the young people who leave their homes do not know what they are going to do while in the real world. The reason some of them decide to seek freedom may be generated from their family problems or too much restrictions from their parents. Subjecting them to many rules often leave to rebellion.

A few decades ago, most young people left home to show that they can be independent and can do without their parents in the real world. However, they all have different experiences after they have left their home. There are those that turned out positive while others end up in worse incidents that leave them regretting for the rest of their lives.

The reason for leaving home may result from peer pressure while other are issues in their family. The most important thing to note is that not all those who get out of their guardians homes do so because they experienced problems. Some of the people feel that they would want their own space or want to relief their ageing parents from taking care of them. There are those that are admitted in colleges and will never return.

The majority of the people who leave their homes experience loneliness and miss the love they were used to back with their families. This is something that they ignored because it was in constant supply but once it is no longer available, they realize its importance. Living alone also means that the person has to take responsibility of everything including their bills and food among other things.

The reality of leaving home dawns on majority of the people when their friends start fading away. Although they leave as a group or peers, after sometime, they separate and start seeking individual lives. This means that they have to start management themselves as individuals, take care of their health and plan their lives. It becomes most difficult of some of these skills were not acquired at home. Many of them miss the aspect of their homes because everything was prepared and provided ready.

As most memoirs indicate, those who leave their homes because of peer pressure and other negative reasons often suffer the most. However, those who are assisted to establish their new lives by their parents and go because of positive circumstances always excel. How ones decide to take freedom determines what they experience in the real world.

It is often difficult for both the parents and the child when the time for departing beckons. The guardians are never confident that their children would be able to take care of themselves. If you want to be free, it should be gradual and not by force.

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