mercredi 5 juillet 2017

Details In Starting A Play Nice Tees Business

By Brian Brooks

Shirt printing and selling is a popular business choice because it is inexpensive and could be targeted for both male and female. They could serve as blank canvasses for artists and entrepreneurs to display their designs. But due to its popularity, you will be facing stiff competition with others so here are some details to help you get ahead.

Find out your niche in helping you stand out from the numerous competitors and in attracting certain target audiences betters. This has been done by Play Nice Tees where their products are marketed to those that have been bullied. They give ten percent also of their profits made to organizations which are against bullying that helps in attracting more people.

Having funny quotes or slogans on your shirts are an example of niche but this needs to become more specific for a particular group to be captivated. You can make prints which relate to certain professions and industries more such as teachers, accountants, doctors and more. Possessing this niche would help to keep properly the finances by making items for distinct crowds.

The designs should be unique and cannot be found somewhere else as this may turn off potential customers. They are searching for prints which connects with them and could reflect their personality or opinions. These designs do not need to be complex as long as they make connections with your audience and will stand out.

Quality is another important factor which helps in determining the success and sustainability of your business. People might buy your products at first but if they determined that the quality is bad then they will not buy from you again. So find shirts which would not shrink or rip easily and prints that do not fade and crack easily.

Selecting a shirt with good quality will include numerous factors like material, sizing, fit, weight and softness. You might also check some reviews regarding blank shirts then narrow your choices down depending on the factors mentioned. Order one of each and then sample your prints on in making a decision based on results of these experiments.

Different methods of printing are available for people to choose from with its own advantages and disadvantages. Their quality are also different because of the materials used for printing and each method requires various amount of time. This is an important investment specially if you will print them yourself instead of having a partner.

Screen printing can create durable results that last long and older businesses has used this for a long while now. The initial setup though is labor intensive but is cost effective when bulk printing though designs with more colors would have some issues. But if you want to print more colors then preferably use heat transfer instead.

A special paper is used in this method with a print from the design made in a computer and transferred with iron. But they have lower quality and less durable compared to others with a more expensive machine. Another is DTG where it directly prints the design on the shirt using a special printer and ink.

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