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What To Know Concerning Cavachon Puppy For Sale

By Matthew Fox

Breeder is a term used to refer to people who breed dogs for the purpose of producing the preferred breed. The mating of dogs is known as dog breeding. This process requires a very knowledgeable people to carry it out so as to get precise traits and qualities of the puppies. The dogs produced under this process are intended for specific functions by their owners. Before Considering a Cavachon puppy for sale, it is important to understand about the breeding process

The best friend for man is a dog and this has been known for a long timenow. Their usefulness has been known after man domesticating them. There are different categories of dogs. Sight dogs, dogs that guard livestock, hunting dogs, police dogs among others are major examples. Different dog breeding practices depend on their shapes, size and their behaviors.

There are two ways of breeding a dog, that is, artificial and natural way. One of the traditional methods used in breeding is the natural way. This is because of the insecurity felt by a dog when it is outside its familiar environment. Breeding without distraction should be done in a private place. Owners act as handlers too. Patience is required because the dogs need to familiarize themselves with each other and this may take days or even hours for the whole process to complete.

In recent times breeding has been improved and there is the introduction special equipment used and technology in the job. The commonest method implied in the breeding is Artificial insemination. In this method the male dog is not involved only the female and the veterinarian are present. This method is considered as it is safe, healthy and a variety of breeds are produced.

The second or the third heat cycle is the best time for breeding a female dog. The first heat cycle occurs between 6 and 9 months. The health, breed and other factors should be considered. Male dogs become ready to breed at the age of 18 months. The breeder should allow a gap of 60 to 65 days. Puppies can be detected using X-rays.

A dog breeder needs to choose responsible potential buyers of his puppies. An interview is sometimes necessary to determine if the new potential owner is able to take care of the new breed of puppies. Considerations for buying the puppies generally include if you have children and if you have other pets.

There are regulations put in place in the taking care of the new breeds of dogs. There is the use of contracts which are signed by the buyer and the seller. The buyer is supposed to return the dog if they are unable to take care of their animals. In some states there are kennel clubs and associations that are involved in taking care of the new breeds of dogs.

There are some challenges that breeders usually face. Particular inheritable undesired characteristics can be found in some dogs. Diseases such as the hip dysplasia can also affect dogs. Natural methods of breeding are recommended because there are those side effects that are caused by overuse of artificial methods. Another effect in breeding is depression, with offsprings of related dogs have reduced chances of survival.

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