mardi 24 octobre 2017

Important Information Regarding Sand Tray Therapy

By William Kennedy

Sand tray refers to an increasingly recognized powerful therapeutic method that facilitates healing particularly within environments that do not intimidate patients. It utilizes miniatures and sand to express the way clients feel or their reaction to certain traumas they may have experienced in their lives. The technique can be utilized both with adults and children with proven effectiveness in all instances where patients are resistant to expressing themselves because of being frightened to open up. Sand tray therapy can, therefore, be utilized for those who having verbal expression difficulties.

Sometimes words are never enough to express how someone truly feels after the outcome of a traumatic event or any related factors. The clients are provided with a sand tray that is uniquely proportioned and usually with a blue interior. The miniatures given could be human figures, animals, buildings, natural objects and vehicles among other things. And with these, they are able to enhance their creativity as they imaginatively create their own world.

Creativity is however not the main purpose of this exercise. Sometimes a patient may voice out their inability to be creative but it has been said that there is no standard of creation that is required. The main objective is the story behind the world that has been made by the client. Once completed, the therapist helps relate it to the experiences of the client.

This therapeutic tool remains effective in articulating non-verbal communications like portraying images that may be in mind. Clients do not have to hold conversations with the therapist but may express their feelings, perceptions, emotional conflicts and thoughts by using with miniatures and soil type. It fosters personal development and raises the space of imagination.

This technique is useful in revealing conflicts that the client may not consciously recognize as being existent. This allows the therapist to discuss the existence the emotional conflicts and how to solve them effectively. The clients become more self-aware of the causative agents of their problems and are able to communicate further through this technique.

It is often used with children who are not yet in a stage where they can properly articulate their words or who are not mature enough to express their feelings in spoken word. It is very effective as the children are enlightened with the idea of playing with the sand and the toys provided in a safe space.

Although it very beneficial to kids, it also offers an efficient remedy to adults and teenagers. This is since it permits clients and therapists to develop some relationships much faster compared to using words alone. In addition, it can open up avenues through which struggling adults and adolescents can freely express the events of traumas, intense family issues, unresolved loss and other emotional problems suffered in life.

This technique can be applied to couples and groups as well. It enabled the therapist to empower the clients by giving them total control of a world that can allow them to explore past traumatic events while still feeling safe. The therapist is able to bring up discussions that had been previously blocked and this enables the client to uncover the cause if the emotional conflict and subsequently heal slowly.

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