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Locating Available Performance Space Austin, Texas

By Karen Murray

When it comes to locating venues in Texas, it can often be difficult. When looking for performance space Austin, Texas, it can often be even more problematic. For, over the last several decades, numerous historic and performance spaces and venues have been torn down to make way for new condominium, shopping centers and other developments.

While this is the case, there are still several venues open and operating in the city. Although, with only a limited number of performance venues, many artists still find it hard to succeed. In particular, live music venues and poetry reading and slam spaces have been the most effected.

Fortunately, there are also still a few spaces which offer world class entertainment and provide a venue for larger touring acts. In fact, some of the best performance halls and theaters still grace the capitol city entertainment scene. While some are smaller more intimate spaces, others can hold thousands of audience members.

Other venues which individuals might want to check out include the new Austin City Limits Live, a multi-story venue with a mezzanine and art gallery. The art gallery is often considered to host one of the best collections of rock and roll photography in the city.

The Long Center is most likely the second most popular venue featuring a number of musicals, plays and concerts throughout the year. The venue is reported to have some of the best acoustics in the Austin area. As the center is home to Austin's art groups, including the Austin Symphony Orchestra, the Lyric Opera and Ballet Austin, individuals can often purchase single or season tickets.

Another well known venue, due its location on the University of Texas Austin campus is that of Bass Hall. The hall features a number special concerts, events, student productions, and plays put on by the film and theater department as well as other productions. As might be expected, it is a favorite venue among community members, professors, staff and students.

A smaller venue Sky Candy is one related more to aerial classes and movement oriented events. Although, the space can be rented by individuals and groups for other events. Still, the most popular event at the space appears to be the aerial scarf dance classes which are offered on a somewhat regular basis. One downfall of the venue is that there is no air conditioning or water, so it is important to bring a water bottle and hydrate when attending classes or events at this space. Due to the lack of air conditioning, the space often hosts classes, events and rental space during the Fall and Winter months.

Some other performance spaces in or near Austin include, the Round Rock Performing Arts Center which hosts a number of concerts and the Zachary Scott Theater, which is most likely one of the longest running community theaters based in the city. The Zachary Scott generally presents a number of plays and productions on a year round basis. Lastly, when perusing the local entertainment area of 6th Street, Esther's Follies offers a performance which is often unforgettable. Often based on current events and politics, the players at this long run comedic theater take audiences on a trip of laughter akin to no other.

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