jeudi 26 octobre 2017

Unique Ideas On Contemporary Art Displays

By Gregory Nelson

Are you among those folks who are under the illusion that artwork has to be hung on a wall? There are a variety of other ways you can display artwork pieces in your home without drilling a hole into the wall and causing possible damage. Well, if you're not confident of drilling holes and don't want to spend money on hiring others to do it, there are other ways to achieve creative Contemporary Art Displays. And the best thing is that you also save money on acquiring expensive mounting gear!

One unusual way to exhibit your artwork is to lean it against pieces of household furniture, and this works best on side tables commonly seen in sociable places such as a living room or private areas like a bedroom. If you want to display your artwork in this way, then it is important to make certain that the height of the paintings is not taller than the table you have selected because this will appear too strange and unsightly.

Protect your artwork with proper framing. Notice how your kitchen areas, like the floor, cupboards and walls, feel oily after cooking? Since your artwork is going to be displayed in the kitchen, where there's going to be a lot of grease from cooking, you should ensure that you give your art pieces proper protection so that it will be long-lasting.

Alternatively, you can always place your artwork on a chair, and this works best with antique furniture which is located next to a doorway because people can view it whenever they enter or leave a room. Using an antique chair to exhibit your artwork will benefit both the furniture and the painting especially if the work is both tall and narrow and reaches a person's eye level on viewing.

Put it on a chair; you can put a nice old antique chair next to the doorway, and then put an artwork piece on the seat of the chair. This display method would be more suitable for artwork pieces that are tall and narrow in shape, with the top of the artwork piece almost reaching eye level when resting on the chair.

Stick to pictures that are small in size. Most kitchens are relatively small in size. Assuming your kitchen is a modest sized one, select artwork that is smaller in size. Small pictures are better appreciated from a near distance, especially in an enclosed space of a kitchen.

The better approach is to arrange three or four small pictures and group them. Because people looking at the artwork will be seeing it from a close distance, select pictures that have detail in them - an example would be flowers where the intricate details of its petals can be seen. Small pictures with detail are much more appreciated when a viewer is seeing it from a short distance away, like from a dining table.

One final piece of advice - wherever you decide to put your artwork pieces, always make sure it is not placed at a location where it is easily knocked over. An example is a hallway or corridor, where narrow space and running kids don't exactly form a nice combination especially when there are many decorative artifacts and artwork pieces around.

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