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Advantages Of Dance Competitions To The Society

By Jessica Sullivan

Dancing competitions vary from jazz, hip-hop, ballet, lyrical and many others. Many schools of dance have been introduced to help nurture the talents of many children. Most communities are benefactors of these events. They are practiced in both the urban and rural ways of life. The advantages of these events are evident in most areas. The benefits may either be on commercial or residential scales. Some of them are outlined below. This piece will highlight more on dance competitions.

Many schools of dance are well known for creating local employment in many societal settings. This is through the employment of the trainers and instructors who provide dancing lessons. The job opportunities has provided most people with income to support their families. They also employ the subordinate staff from the local region to work in these institutions.

The event has seen the improvements in many cultural settings of a community. The cultural achievements vary from both the young to the elderly. The competitions also encourage interactions among members. Many of the ethnical dances and songs convey a strong feeling of togetherness in a community. The passing of this culture from generation to generation has seen the continuity of cultural norms and beliefs.

It is also a tool that helps develop self discipline to the pupils. This has helped reduce the number of street children in most streets. The children are advised on how to use their energy in worthwhile objectives. This may include active participation in communal work that helps the elderly. Discipline is obtained through the practice of how to induce the body movements during practice. This is an important virtue in the upbringing of a child.

The competitions create an opportunity for friendship for all ages and among different ethnic groups. In these activities, people of all ages interact during the events. The elderly are not left behind. All people associate and interact with each other thereby fostering friendships. This might be through dancing and appreciating their ethnical dances. The people interact freely with members.

A dancing community is a healthy setting. The dancing plays a major role in improving the health of many participants. They keep fit through the many exercises they get involved in. The physical activities have helped in the overall development of an individual. From both the emotional to the spiritual well being. A healthy body assists in the mental state of a person. And this also prevents them from ailments due to obesity.

Another benefit as a result of these contests is the positive progression of a person. Through the vigorous training, children are taught on skills that help them in real life. Teamwork and cooperation are the key virtues to success attainment. The skills help the student on how to relate to the community with their fellow mates and elderly. This fosters understanding among members and cohesion

The society has experienced significant growth in their living standards. The resources obtained from these events are useful to the growth of the community. They help support and sponsor most of the development projects. The schools of dance also offer workshops and seminars to members of a community. They create awareness on the importance of these activities in society.

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