lundi 4 décembre 2017

Corporate Entertainment Acts For Private Events

By Matthew Roberts

When it comes to entertainers, there are often a number of different venues at which these individuals perform. For example, there are some whom provide Corporate Entertainment Acts for private events. Whereas, there are others whom perform at birthday parties for children, clubs, restaurants and other venues.

During these corporate presentations, most often the performance is either a promotional performance to advertise services, or is paid for by the company. If an entertainer travels from outside the area, most often travel expenses are covered under a contract. Speaking of contracts, it is always important to have a signed agreement or contract from a representative before agreeing to provide a performance. In almost all cases, the intent is to entertain, motivate and increase morale.

In more general terms, acts doing this type of performance are often considered private events. In some cases, entertainers may provide a performance at conferences, conventions, holiday parties or retreats. Whether a comedian, magician, motivational speaker, musician, performance artist or poet, all have something to offer. At the same time, it is important that any performer know and understand the corporate policies and rules with regards to behavior, dress and language.

It is even more important to get an early start on booking when it comes to the holidays. For, most artists and performers providing entertainment to corporations also play at other venues. Whereas, many also play private parties at a variety of locations from Halloween through New Year's Eve.

These performances are often booked by a representative at the corporation or companies which provide and sponsor this type entertainment. Generally, these companies are known as corporate event planners or corporate booking agencies. In other cases, performers may contact a company to provide information and get hired to do a performance.

Entertainment at some of these events can include different types of board, sports and trivia games. In events where individual participation in sports related events is a part of the process, it is often good to have employees sign a release form in case of accident or injury. Whereas, when working with a performer, it is often advised that a contract be set up between the company and entertainer as to date, time, place, policy and payment.

When it comes to birthday parties, holiday parties, weddings and other events whether in private homes, hotels, restaurants or theme parks, performers often work with a verbal agreement and advance payment. While this is the case, when working with companies, corporations, event planners or booking agencies, it is always advised that performers request a contract. It is important the contract include the agreed upon pay rate, along with everything that is expected of the entertainer at the time of the performance.

Ultimately, most corporations pay entertainers a higher fee than other booking agents. Although, it can often be hard for some to abide by the corporate policy, dress code and censorship which often comes with same. As such, while some feel the higher pay is a good trade off, others prefer to keep performances in public clubs and private venues where there are no such rules and regulations.

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