mardi 19 décembre 2017

Guidelines For Winning Online Digital Art Contests

By Angela Howard

There are lots of online competitions that you can take part in. There are so many advantages that you can enjoy when you are part of these competitions. You will benefit more if you come out as a winner. Here are some tips that can help you increase your chances of winning online digital art contests.

Before you enter any competition, ascertain that it is the real thing and that you are not wasting time participating in a scam. Always check out who the sponsors are. Ensure that they are credible companies. Legitimate companies will only work with legitimate organizations, so chances of getting scammed are minimal. It can be a huge waste of time to participate in a completion and not even be able to collect the prize in case you win.

The more competitions you enter, the higher your possibilities of being a winner. Therefore, do not limit yourself to only entering one competition, take part in several competitions at the same time. Just make sure that you note down which competitions you are participating in, so that you do not forget. There are so many competitions, so you can find whatever interests you.

Know what the rules of the game are and stick with them. Check if you meet the requirements and if you do, feel free to participate in the game. Do not overlook any detail that is a requirement, as this can make a huge difference as to whether you win or lose the competition. If anything is not clear, be sure to ask about it, so that you have a good understanding of what to do.

Always submit your applications on time. Submitting even a day or a few hours after the deadline could see you get disqualified. Therefore, take note of when the deadline date is and work towards doing everything that is required by that date. Start working on your project as soon as you can to avoid a last minute rush.

Your work should be extraordinary. This does not mean that it should be complicated but just that there should be something that sets it apart from other types of work. It should also be original, so don't get tempted to submit someone else's work and pass it off s your own or copy someone else's ideas.

Having someone else's perspective on your work can be hugely beneficial. The person can point out any mistakes you have made or give you helpful ideas on what to do. Try and get someone who understands art well to critique your work. This will prevent you from making silly mistakes that can see you lose the competition.

Take time and see the work of past winners. This is a helpful guide about what you should do. It is also an eye-opener about the kind of quality you should produce. It can also help if you chatted to the winners, so that you can know how they managed to produce winning work. This will prepare you mentally about what to do.

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