mardi 12 mars 2019

An Overview Of The Best Online Art Communities

By Kimberly Ross

While most artists work on a solo basis, there is often still a need for a sense of community. For, many of these individuals often feel isolated and alone at times. Knowing this, a group of artists have come up with some of the best online art communities for those seeking to share art, obtain and provide critiques and converse while becoming part of a community of like-minded people.

As with all hobbies, surrounding oneself with like-minded people can often have a positive effect, sometimes to the point of being overwhelming. In addition, having the opportunity to share in critiquing work can be an enlightening experience. When it comes to critiquing, it is important that individuals do so in a way which is kind, respectful and provides constructive criticism.

While there are a number of these communities now online, some are better than others. As such, the ones listed are often considered the best among most artists working in the online community. Whether a community of artists sharing in conversation, art or articles related to artists, all have something different and unique to offer.

For individuals interested in improving art skills, whether fine art, design, 3D or digital, Conceptart dot org is a great community. While this is the case, the site is mainly a critique sharing site so it is important to follow all rules and guidelines in that regard. In addition, some artists on this site can often be honest to the point of being brutal so it is important to put sensitivities aside when sharing critiques on the site.

Deviantart dot com which is is often considered one of the best for all skill levels, offers a wide range of options. For, the most basic artists to some of the most advanced are members of the site. As a result, artists can find work in all genres and artists of all skill levels with which to interact and follow.

Tumblr can be a great way to showcase different art projects while sharing and re-sharing original art and art by others on the site which an members believe are worth re-sharing. While most post in the art communities section, there are a number of different sections in which art can be shared. Whereas, the user base is enormous so artists often gain a great deal of insight from users across the Tumblr platform. While this is the case, since it is a re-posting based website, it can often be difficult to communicate with other users on an ongoing basis.

Drawcrowd dot com, a site aimed towards professional and more skilled artists offers individuals a custom designed website. In addition, each user is provided with a beautifully designed home page which can double as a portfolio. Most importantly, users can comment, follow, share and collect favorites by other artists. Although, unlike other posting and re-posting websites, Drawcrowd only allows for the sharing of original work.

One of the most well known in which artists, chefs, crafters and others share art, recipes, crafts and watch tutorials is that of Pinterest. For, the site is a great place in which to share artwork, be inspired and become part of an online community of like-minded individuals. Unlike other sites, Pinterest has protections against work becoming buried and unreachable such as that of Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram.

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