mercredi 6 mars 2019

How To Take Good Care Of Your Sewing Machine

By Mark Russell

You are satisfied and thankful with the fancy and stylish clothes you wear every day. But you know how it was made and it was through a certain sewing machine. Without that technology, people might find it difficult to create some clothes in a fast and convenient way. And if your hobby is creating your own clothing, then you certainly must take good care of your Husqvarna Viking sewing machine parts.

Perhaps you love watching shows like Project Runway on your television and got amazed how those fashion designers made their ideas into a reality by making their own clothes. You perhaps aspire to become like them so you had your own machine at your house. Even so, your dream to be the greatest fashion designer might not be reached since your equipment just suddenly stops functioning.

You do serviced your cars once in a year for it to boost its performance and see if there are some issues on it. You did annual eye inspection to prevent some damages on your eyes. That kind of attention must also be applied similarly to your sewing machines too. Anyhow, these tips listed below will help.

First, keep the equipment covered always. Dust does not cause some allergies to humans but it would also affect the performance of your equipment. To avoid it, the machine must be concealed with a dust cover or perhaps a hard case. Additionally, unplug it regularly and clean its bobbin case with the use of cosmetic brush. You also should use threads that are high quality.

Second, change your needle regularly. This part could be easily forgotten by many after finishing their project. But make it a habit to change needles afterwards because it can damage the tool and cloth. Furthermore, experts say that it is advisable to change it every eight hours.

Third, maintain its cleanliness. It is important to give it a detailed cleaning once you completed a project. In removing the lint, using compressed air is helpful and it also removes the threads coming from tension discs, bobbin area and feed dogs. You also have to make sure that the nozzle is away from the equipment with at least 4 inches when you use compressed air.

Regular oiling your machines is also beneficial and important. Because it has several interior moving parts, it needs to be oiled to make its process run smoother and also longer. Use oil that is suitable only for that type of machine. Furthermore, you may also purchase it in many craft stores as well as online. Be sure that its bobbin case is clean as well before applying it with oil.

Fifth, you better have it serviced from a professional service annually. A person who is more knowledgeable about this may find some ways to enhance its condition and fix those small issues which could turn worst if left untreated. Regardless of the brand it has, annual service is still matter to maintain its good quality.

Now you know some helpful tips. More importantly, cleanliness should always be maintained so after you utilize it, wipe your mess using a rug. Follow those tips mentioned above and your own sewing machine will certainly last longer.

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