lundi 25 mars 2019

Pest Control Westwood; Ways To Tell Whether You Have A Mice Or Rat Problem

By Stephen Ross

Mice and rats make wonderful pets for some people. For most people, however, rodents are creepy, destructive and a major nuisance. This is more so the case if they invade your home or business and end up not only destroying property, but also causing sicknesses after contaminating your water and food. If you are in search of top quality pest control Westwood has a decent number of proficient service providers to offer.

Before an eradication project can begin, the specialists will seek to establish whether you have a mice or rat problem. Knowing what they are dealing with will enable them to set the right traps. Keep in mind that the right traps for mice will commonly not work in case you have a rat problem. There are some basic ways to establish the precise kind of rodent that has invaded your premise.

In case an infestation is extensive, chances are that the rodent colonies will not remain contained in their nests. This means that you have a chance of seeing rodents rushing across your floors even in broad daylight. In case you spot one, check out its appearance. Mice have noses that are triangular in shape and their rails are thinner and slightly hairy. They are also tiny and grown mice will not be more than seven and a half inches.

Rats are the bigger species and they can grow up to eighteen inches long. They have round noses and thick, hairless tails. While mice are brown or gray in color, you can find rats that are brown, gray or even black. If there are black creepy crawlies in your premise, you possibly have a rat infestation.

Rats and mice can swim outstandingly. This makes it possible for them to access buildings through broken drains and toilet pipes. Both rodents are most active during night time hours and spotting them during the day is rare, unless an infestation is out of hand and some are forced to search for food and water during daylight. Mice and rats are also similar in the fact that both species can stand using their hind legs.

The nesting habits of rats are quite different from those of mice. Mice favor living indoors around warm areas, possibly close to food and water sources. Within homes, they could build their nests in cozy areas such as behind the cooking stove or inside the pantry. Usually, mice will create their nests using strings, food wrappers, shredded paper or pillow stuffing.

Rats also love using soft materials to create their nests. However, they prefer living outdoors and they dig holes in the garden or under buildings. They may also build their nests under thick vegetation on nearby trees or in the attic. In order to access your premise, rats create paths that they use each day when searching for water and food.

Mice and rats both have rod-shaped droppings. The pellets of rats will even so be bigger than those of mice. Rats are cautious by nature and this makes catching them a great challenge. On the other hand, mice are naturally curious and it is easy to catch them using basic traps.

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