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Advantage Of Custom Size Acrylic Prints Over Ordinary Ones

By Ida Dorsey

There are several ways to ensure that an image is immortalized. Today there are a lot of platforms where you can store your images. But for people who want to display the images and be sure that they are protected against different types of elements, they need to spend on materials that are durable enough to hold the image.

There are those who prefer to use frames that are custom made. But the most preferred option today is to have it in custom size acrylic prints. This is the newest fad of the people. Before, it was not as famous because it can be very expensive. But today, it has become a staple piece in the home of average people.

Acrylics are being used in a variety of things and incorporated in many methods. And this is because of the properties that it has. It has also become the perfect material for printing photos. And today, individuals have managed to come up with the perfect methods to go with it. You can choose between direct printing or face mounting the image. There is also the sandwich method known for its double durability.

The most used and suggested method for the use of this material is face mounting. This means that the image would be printed in white paper and is pasted in the acrylic sheet. According to experts, it is better this way because it is taking advantage of the reflective feature of the sheet, therefore giving off the 3D effect.

Canvass printing have been around for quite sometime. It is known to be one of the most durable materials to be used in print. And it still is but the durability and longevity category will be competed by the features that is offered by acrylics.

One of the factors that causes the fading of photos is sunlight. Even if you put it in a very expensive frame that has is made of ultra durable materials, sunlight still has a way of penetrating through the glass. And when this happens, it would be hard to preserve the original vibrancy. This is not something that you have to suffer when you make use of acrylics.

When you put something in a frame, one of the greatest risks is the shattering or breaking of the glass. But if you use acrylics for your photos, you can breathe easy since it will not break like glass frames. However, you still need to be careful because the corners can still be chipped, ruining the entire painting. It is still subject to scratches but you can avoid this by using scratch free sheets. But it will cost you more.

The appearance is something that is debated by photographers. There are those who like the look of vintage class offered by canvass prints. However, there are also people who want to achieve the and modern and vibrant look of a picture printed in acrylic.

Canvass made prints are more affordable than their counterparts in the field. And for this reason, it is a more appropriate choice for people watching their expenses. But if you are after quality, acrylic is the best way to go.

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