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The Celebration Of Visual Narrative Art Through Ages

By Ida Dorsey

Narrative art is an art that tells a story. It is either a sequence of events unfolding over time or an ongoing story. The earliest proof of human art suggest that individuals told stories with images. However, without knowledge of the story being told, it is difficult to read ancient pictures, since they are not well organized in a certain way such as word on a page, but rather unfold in different directions at a single time.

It also utilizes power and ocular images in creating certain imaginations, persuade emotions and capture every cultural truth and aspiration. The main difference between a visual narrative art from other form of genres is its ability to narrate or tell stories in the diverse cultures and may preserve them for the coming years.

Actually, there are several forms of narrative in the world. Most of the forms are either moving or still pictures, mixture of substances, articulated language and gestures, narrative is always present in legend, fables, short stories, myth, epics, paintings, comedy, tragedy and many more.

Moreover, this form is always present, in different places and societies. It starts with a great history of mankind. An art always illustrate and tell stories. It also describes a certain event from daily lives. Of individuals from folk tales, myths and even texts.

Actually, anyone forgets that story telling is a matter of giving the information of most stories with an amount of visual clutter. It is also easy to lose a certain visual information that we start to distract from the necessary aspects. There are also several ways to approach narrative in your photos. Actually, there is no right or wrong with the things you are going to do it.

Actually, it is also an interest for the academic community, such as most educators, scholars and thinkers. Typically, they have tried to understand the impact or power of photos and the whole industry of every individual and societies. There are characteristics that could determine the difference of the visual narratives from others, with the use of numerous perspectives, in social and environmental value.

Great storytellers come from a professions, form of arts and all walks of life. They are unique ones who function both artist and author, influencing and entertaining your imaginations through the creations of literature and arts. There are also some films that redefine and redirect history or tell the future. There are books that set imaginations in the palm of hands and ignite words and emotions.

The ocular level also becomes a good experience and memory that could last for a life time. These works have also survived the tests of time and also become a great part of the history and cultural identities.

Fine arts, game designs, picture books, illustration, animation and graphic novels are some of the form of art. They also become a growing demand for talented and original content creators. So, no matter what type of style and medium to consider, you will be able to become great and responsible visual storytelling and shape your own identity and artistic voice.

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