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Jane St. Clair Is A Promising Up And Comer

By Ida Dorsey

There are a few good female vocalists that you will enjoy discovering online. Jane St. Clair is a musician whose albums include the 2007 release "Stories". She writes the melodies and lyrics to her own songs as well as singing and playing the acoustic guitar on these tracks. Her records are available through CD Baby, Inc, the online music store that specializes in the retail of compositions by independent artists.

Jane is from California in the US. The melodies she creates are a combination of moods and lyricism, producing a sound that will appeal to those who enjoy jazz, jazz-pop and adult contemporary rock. People who like the sounds of Steely Dan, Feist or Diana Krall may well also appreciate this talented artist.

Influences that are demonstrated in this young woman's work embrace Burt Bacharach, James Taylor and Sting. Jane has moreover been believed to pay homage to people such as Stevie Wonder, Joni Mitchell and Carole King. The words reflect an enthusiasm for poetry and story-telling in the style of Carlos Jobim, Tom Waits and Todd Rundgren.

A personal history starting with instruction in writing by the UNC - CH (University of N. Carolina) is clearly identifiable in the prominence of language palpable in Jane's music. Subsequent to Chapel Hill, Jane continued her studies in Boston, learning composition at Berklee College of Music. She expanded her musical knowledge at CalArts, taking advantage of the teachings of tutors including David Roitstein, James Newton, Paul Novros and Jon Bergamo.

There are various exceptional collaborators involved with "Stories", especially Ken Lasaine who assisted with the composition of the emotive song "Shower Into Gray" (devoted to people murdered in the catastrophic attack of 9/11), and also performs on E-Bow, classical and electric guitars. Other distinguished instrumentalists on this LP include Nedra Wheeler (on upright bass), Paul Litteral (horns & trumpet), Alan Pasqua (keyboards), Michael Manning (fretless bass) and Danny Frankel (percussion & drums). These artistes have made records and been on tour with eminent performers with the stature of kd lang, Bob Dylan, James Brown, Ray Charles, the B-52s and Santana.

Critics discuss the passionate efficiency, lilting voice and the silky gracefulness of the vocals on "Stories". People liken the songs to poetry synchronized with harmonies. Ingenuity and personality are attributes often recognized in St. Clair's imagery. The general impression is one of an inimitable crystal-clear quality which invigorates the soul.

Distinctiveness is enhanced by the work of Dan Garcia who engineered and mixed the album as well as adding final vocals, additional guitar, percussion and trumpet. Jane's deep grounding in musical and prose education has allowed her to produce heartfelt ballads that combine jazz influences, Brazilian grooves, intuitive instrumentation and clever turns of phrase. Adding a supple, endearing and evocative voice to these elements is a definite recipe for success.

Whether you are looking for the soulful offerings the artist creates, or any of the genres from Avant Garde to World Music, CD Baby is a great source. Albums start at just $5 and you can purchase vinyl here too. Many up-and-coming bands and aspiring artists begin by selling their material online.

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