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Learning About Old Mystery TV Shows

By Christa Jarvis

Human beings living in the 70's and 80's had the opportunity to watch the best programs that were readily available. The old mystery tv shows were always entertaining and many of them were often featured during the night hours. "Miss Marple, " "The X-Files, " "Josie And The Pussycats, " "Scooby-Doo, " "Unsolved Mysteries" and many more were viewed by the average American person.

One elderly lady called Jane Marple was always available to help solve any type of murder or robbery. Agatha Christie published many books about this unique character who was not afraid of any situation. Whenever there was a crime committed Miss Marple would appear. A talented lady named Joan Hickson brought this character to life.

Joan lived for many years and she had been performing in England for many decades before her passing. No other actress could ever replace this brilliant woman since she had so much grace and style. Viewers were always delighted to see Miss Marple apprehend the bad guys whenever the show ended.

People who were interested in real life cases often tuned into the television series "Unsolved Mysteries" which ran on NBC for a period of time. Robert Stack was the good looking actor who hosted this spectacular event and he would inform everyone about the latest crimes that were happening. The show even helped the police capture real life criminals who were still on the run. At times Mr. Stack's daughter would help him co-host this special television series.

"Scooby-Doo" is a well known American cartoon character who enjoyed solving crimes each and every week. Fred, Velma, Shaggy and Daphne accompanied Scooby on his weekly missions. The villains within this series never tried to kill Scooby and his crew which was very unusual. This particular show tried to be light hearted and the producers did not want to frighten young children who were viewing the show. Fortunately this was one cartoon show which lasted for many years and it had a variety of spin-offs.

On the other hand "Josie And The Pussycats" were always in danger since the villains on this particular show wanted them dead. Each episode would feature a new hit song from this talented musical group. This extraordinary show was only on for a short period of time but it quickly became a cult classic. Alexandra became a key player on the program even though Josie was the star. Individuals watching also became familiar with Alex, Alan, Valerie and the always ditzy Melody.

People who liked to be scared easily would find themselves watching a program called "The X-Files." Many supernatural events happened within the show each and every week. On one episode a woman was married to a demonic male who could change his form at any time.

Broadcasting stations all around wanted to syndicate this show after it had ended. Many producers in Hollywood created movies about the paranormal after "The X-Files" went off the airwaves. The series also had several movies based upon these unique characters and their unusual job.

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