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Decorating With A Faux Fur Throw

By Ruth Cole

Fabulous spaces that are practical seem out of reach but the effort can be minimal. By adding items that match in color or are part of a theme is a good place to start and choosing pieces that serve a purpose can be beneficial to everyday living. Adding a faux fur throw is one way a person can save energy usage and money.

Besides keeping a person warm, blankets and throws can also be decorative. Nowadays, there are many vibrant colors and textures from which to choose and may complement any decor theme. Or one can create their own by using pillows or other accent using the same color.

Faux fur products have improved greatly in recent years while remaining friendly to animals. These greatly resemble the real thing when it comes to the look and feel, sometimes it can be hard to distinguish which is which. While dry cleaning helps anything last longer, many of these can be washed in any machine.

The selection of colors is also great for anyone who wants something different from the usual neutral tones. Faux furs also come in blends, patterns and fun colors like green, orange and red. Sometimes these vibrant colors or textures may be used to bring life to spaces with mostly earth tones.

One great thing is that no electricity is needed to keep warm. Sometimes, electric blankets and throws can become suddenly hot or turn off without notice. Faux fur coverings just need body heat to be effective.

An ideal companion would be an alternative fur area rug. This is ideal for indoors where there is little foot traffic. Not only does it look nice in bedrooms or living spaces but care is easy as well.

Candles not only look great in a room but can save money and energy. On the market are all types, including those without a flame and scents made to last for several uses. These can also help to warm up a space, instead of using a heater, which can get expensive.

Keeping spaces clutter free with organizers are an efficient way to decorate. Often ideas can be merged so that pieces are not only functional but can be used as an accessory. All it takes is a little creativity and willingness to use space wisely.

For instance, old boxes with or without lids can be painted or covered with gift wrap made to match any room interior. If needed, handles can be made from old wire hangers or cut with a crafting knife. Once these are ready for use, they can be stacked along walls or placed underneath hard furnishings. These can be wonderful space savers and cut to accommodate almost any item worth storing.

Being frugal and fabulous has many rewards. Anyone can transform a room with just a few pieces that look luxurious but do not cost a lot. Not only is it fun to create a look fitting of personal tastes but it can also help a bank account balance grow faster.

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