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To Find A Modeling Agency Houston Is The Way To Go

By Barbara Reynolds

Modeling agencies refer to companies that represent fashion models working for the fashion industry. The work of these agencies is to make it easy for models to work within the fashion industry without having to understand the real workings that go on behind the scenes. In short, they make work easier for models. When in need of the best modeling agency Houston is a good location to check out.

Agencies represent their models to ad agencies, designers, and photographers among others in order to create jobs for them. They also bill and book for jobs besides such representation. After participating, models are paid by the company for their work. With such representation, models can focus on modeling instead of worrying about the business side of things.

Talents of a model is managed by a manager within the company. The help offered by the manager helps models to launch, establish, and develop their careers. Tokyo, London, New York, Paris, and Shanghai are some of the major booking markets. The Czech Republic, Russia, Hungary, Poland, and the Netherlands are some of the major sources of models according to statistics. To establish and maintain a name requires huge financial investment into the models by the company.

Companies make sure that their top models get signed to exclusive contracts in key markets. How long the contract lasts depends on the experience and status of the model. Agencies earn in form of commission from each job their model participates in and wins. This comes as reward for finding jobs and negotiating the highest price. The commission ranges between 10 and 20 percent of what the model earns.

Beside the normal commission the company earns, most companies bill an additional 10-20 percent to the client for booking a model. As such, the agency will earn something between 10-40 percent on every booking they make. Out of this amount, the model does not pay more than 20 percent. Rules regarding billing vary from one country to another depending on laws and taxes enforced in that country. Most contracts last between three to five years. In some cases, models are allowed to sign up with other agencies outside a given radius.

Competition is very high in the fashion industry on a global scale. That is why top fashion agencies contract models from various categories. Specific height requirements dictate whether a model can be signed or not. For instance, women have to be 5.8 to 6.0 feet tall for them to qualify to be signed. On the contrary, men must be between 5.5 to 6.1 feet tall.

New faces are needed in this industry regularly. The number of models signed to a single agency varies throughout the year and is highly dependent on the demand the company brings in. Therefore, companies engage in fierce advertising in order to keep themselves visible to possible models.

The techniques of screening models employed vary from one company to another. Screening methods are usually four. They include go-see, dry call, open call, and casting call. It is possible for the various methods to be combined and used together to screen models.

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